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Anonymous Donor Pledges to Double April Donations!

Started by Billie Wilson, April 04, 2011, 06:48:24 PM

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Billie Wilson

Hi everyone,

If you didn't see the great news on The Haiku Foundation's blog, I wanted to share it with you.  An anonymous donor has pledged to double any donation you make during the month of April toward supporting the Foundation's work and goals.  There is no limit set for this incredibly generous offer!

More information - and a link to the Donation Page - can be found here:

I'm off to find my credit card right now.  :)


Billie Wilson

Hi everyone,

So far, more than $2500 has been contributed, thanks to the two-for-one matching grant pledged by an anonymous donor during April.  Only one more week remains, so this would be a great time to let The Haiku Foundation know you are benefiting from what it offers, and that you support its goals for the future.

Again, here is the link:

Many thanks!

Don Baird

Wonderful news.  Congratulations!  There are so many supportive people of this foundation.  It's a true testament to how much it means to everyone.

Very nice,


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the vertical axis
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