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Started by martin1223, March 21, 2011, 03:51:00 AM

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    We at WE ARE ALL JAPAN are assembling an anthology of all types
   of poetry and haibun - We Are All Japan. The purpose of the
   anthology is to display to Japan our feelings of love and
   concern for the hell they have and are currently enduring. All
   proceeds from the anthology will be donated to the Salvation
   Army or the Red Cross in Japan.       
   Robert D. Wilson and Sasa Vazic

colin stewart jones

thx for posting this martin

please send haibun to me at

jonesalljapan[at sign]gmail[dot]com

replace brackets with at sign and dot

col :)

bear us in mind for your work

Colin Stewart Jones
Notes from the Gean: monthly haiku journal


Hi everyone,

We need more donations to make this book available for schools and libraries free of charge.  It will be an amazing collection of first-hand experiences from people living in Japan, combined with haiku, haibun, and some other special works.

But we need more donations, even a five dollars per person, and of course, more submissions too. ;-)



Message from one of the editors:

A CALL FOR DONATIONS: WE NEED TO DOUBLE what has collected in order to publish the
anthology and to purchase and send out hard copies to library systems hardest hit in

None of us who are putting together the anthology receive anything. All goes to the
anthology, and profits will go to the Japanese Red Cross, which needs every dollar

Imagine if each one donated $5 to $10 via PayPal.

I DISLIKE asking for donations. BUT the anthology is important and will place a tiny
part in the healing process and be a historically important reference.


Don Baird

Hey Alan ... please private message me ... how much have you collected, if you don't mind me asking.  Private IM me with estimate.  I'd love to know where you stand and then I will help fix some of it with my personal donation.

Thanks ... you guys are the greatest!

I write haiku because they're there to be written ...

storm drain
the vertical axis
of winter


Dear Don, and others,

I've just messaged Colin who volunteered to help with the fund-raising to get an uptodate figure.

Basically we need donations badly to cover this book being widely dissemminated throughout Japan, and to give donations to the Japanese Red Cross as well. 

Everyone at The Haiku Foundation is welcome to submit work to the publication, please check the blog for deadlines etc...

This anthology project started off in Facebook:


The Japanese Red Cross will receive donations, as well copies going out to as many surviving libraries in Japan around the most stricken area.  Everyone wants Japanese library users to be able to read a book that is full of support for them, and to know that we also sent monies to their Red Cross organisation as well.



I believe the donations are nearly US$1000, which might look a lot, but the anthology is a big one, full of first-hand accounts, as well as poetry etc...

Also the wish is to send copies out to libraries in Japan so the local people have a record that people from other countries care for them, and haven't forgotten them, and are continuing to do their bit in many ways.

Please do donate even five dollars or equivalent, but also the anthology is still open for submissions.  Check details:

all my best,


colin stewart jones

thank you all for your contributions and contiuing support

alan is correct we have just over $1000.
so we are nearly halfway to our initial target

more info can be found here

this will be quite a substantial volume with first hand accounts as well as artwork and the haikai genres
and we would dearly love to see more of the haiku community represented with their poetry

thanks again

col :)

bear us in mind for your work

Colin Stewart Jones
Notes from the Gean: monthly haiku journal

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