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Using HTML in Your Topics or Replies
« on: November 20, 2010, 10:52:59 PM »
When you add a reply or a new topic, you can use the buttons in the editor to add links and other special formatting. These buttons insert Bulletin Board Codes (BBC), which you might know from other forums.

You can also use the following basic HTML tags to format your text, then paste then into a post:

Code: [Select]
<b>, <u>, <i>, <s>, <em>, <ins>, <del>
<a href="">
<img src="" alt="" />
<br />, <hr />
<pre>, <blockquote>

One approach is to use an HTML editor to create a topic with links and other HTML code, then paste the code into the forum topic. Be sure to copy all of the HTML code, like this:

Code: [Select]

Here is a link to <a href="">The Haiku Foundation</a>.

Remember though: a forum topic supports a small subset of HTML tags only, namely the subset identified in the first code block above.


If you don't already know how to use BBC or HTML, don't worry. Just type in your comments without any of these codes. The content is what really matters!
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