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Negative space examples of haiku request for Writing Poetry: the haiku way

Started by AlanSummers, March 09, 2014, 02:47:45 PM

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Dear Haiku Poets,

I'm looking for good examples of negative space aka whitespace etc... for both an article in progress, and for my book
Writing Poetry: the haiku way.

I would love to receive examples that show this aspect clearly and cleanly, utilising juxtaposition and/or disjunctive techniques.

The article in progress has as its working title:

Travelling the thin white expanse #2:

The kindly elephant: Those other words in haiku in-between written text

Which will cover the leap in haiku, juxtaposition and negative space.

So it's not so much the elephant in the room...

Some examples can be found at:

kind regards,

Alan, With Words
Alan Summers,
founder, Call of the Page


Thank you to the authors who have messaged or emailed me.

Here's a useful quote:

"There is always the verbal equivalent of negative space in good haiku..."  Violette Rose-Jones

Haiku using negative space needn't be just typographical, or indented, concrete etc...

It's what is left out that is important too, just like any type of writing or art.

Look forward to more submissions, as always.  :)

warmest regards,

Alan Summers,
founder, Call of the Page

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