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The Natural Night Haiku Anthology - Request for submissions (2)

Started by Richard Gilbert, January 05, 2014, 04:11:58 PM

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Richard Gilbert

Greetings fellow night sky travelers,

Here, an update following two lunar cycles of submissions. We've received a a number of poetic works, and hope to see more in the coming months:

Please send your haiku, haibun and short-form poetry to:


There are two topics to mention in this update:

1) We haven't received any graphic images or photography yet, and would encourage your abstract as well as realist-naturalist inclinations. (We can arrange for the receipt of large files via FTP, etc., if needed.)

2) Speaking of realism, the great majority of submissions have been composed in realistic-naturalistic narrative modes -- we'd like to encourage thoughts and musings on "cosmos" that are as extensive as imagination allows, including works that touche on sociality, political reality, psychological truth, interiority, dream, fantasy, etc. Our anthology is not restricted to haiku and tanka genres. By way of example:

water as a magic potion
stars through the broken cistern
how broken this

Here we are less concerned whether the above is seen as "haiku" or "short-form poem" though certain associated characteristics are appreciated. To date, few known poets from North America have submitted works, so we invite your participation.

The projected deadline for submissions is the Solstice of June 21 (Universal Time).

More detailed information is given here:

Some queries have been received concerning haiga.
We are not inviting haiga, as text and images are to be treated separately within the anthology.

Thank you and Happy Solar New Year,
Richard Gilbert

The original post (October 30, 2013):

The Natural Night Haiku Anthology
is seeking submissions, for a book to be published by Red Moon Press, next year.

Please see the above link for additional information, and spread the word by link via FceBook, blogs, etc., if you don't mind.

Seeking your poetry: haiku, haibun and short-form poetry.

Seeking your: images, photographs, graphic designs, etc.

Previously published works are fine (please include the source citation and your permission to use).

There is no firm deadline for submissions; publication is planned for spring-summer, 2014.

Thanks very much,
Richard Gilbert (editor)

Stewart Baker

I missed this first time around, somehow.

How many submissions would you like to receive per poet?
Haiku journal info at Haikaikukan
My haiku, fiction, etc.

Don Baird

I have photographs (besides poetry) that might be of interest.  I'll prepare them and send them along.

Thanks Richard!

I write haiku because they're there to be written ...

storm drain
the vertical axis
of winter

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