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Renku Reckoner by John Carley
« on: October 10, 2013, 07:33:28 AM »
Forthcoming in print from Darlington Richards Press:

Renku Reckoner by John Carley
  •     Descriptions, seasonal schemas, appraisals and examples of twelve traditional and modern renku forms, from the 36-verse kasen to the 4-verse yotsumono.
  •     19 chapters on renku theory and practice, including a series of carefully constructed exercises.
Carley's reputation as a leading theorist in English-language renku is the result of 15 years' work, during which time he has led hundreds of linked verse sequences and translated a significant number of Edo period kasen. This book is the culmination of those efforts.

In addition to reworked and expanded versions of many articles originally available at Carley's website, Renku Reckoner will contain several new chapters expounding the author's latest arguments, as well as a dozen complete poems, some never before published, including a new translation of the Basho-school kasen "Purveyors of Verse" (Shi akindo, 1682).

This authoritative work will be a welcome addition to the library of any poet or reader, beginner or advanced, with a serious interest in collaborative poetry in English.


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