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2013 VCBF haiku contest

Started by mizar1, September 19, 2013, 05:17:15 AM

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   Rebecca wanted me to post this information - I told her if she posted last years Sakura award that she won - then I would post my news. So obviously she posted. I was notified  9/18/2013 that I won the best of the US in this years VCBF - Cherry Blossom Haiku contest. I am thrilled and I can hardly believe it! 

lighting a path
for the cherry blooms
first grade teacher

Robert Michael Drouilhet



Congratulations to your success.

Best wishes,

- from each star, a point to view -


Julie B. K.


PAllen, Seanan, and Julie B.K.  -   Thank you very much for your supportive comments, it means a lot to me.

Michael D.

Seaview (Marion Clarke)

Michael, Verica Zivkovic has literally just posted me the link to the winners this minute. I spotted a Robert Michael Drouillhet had won and I was just about to ask Rebecca if it was you - what wonderful news, really well done!  :) :) :)




   Thank you so much! I can hardly believe it and I am thrilled beyond measure. Rebecca has been very encouraging and excited for me as well. I told her I hoped to get an honorable mention this year because of her Sukura award she won last year - what a surprise!




Thank you Sergio - I really appreciate it.


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