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Started by Grace, March 10, 2011, 07:22:40 PM

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I have just read Kat's haiku in 'Movies' and she mentioned NaHaiWriMo, which sounds very interesting. Where can I find that link, please?

When the music plays, I hope you dance



Hello, Alan,

Just wondering if doing things like this on Facebook is a trend.  Are those of us who choose not to do the "social networking" gig going to find fewer and fewer activities in which we can participate?

I plan to be the last person in the known universe who does not have a Facebook account.

"Nature inspires me. I am only a messenger."  ~Kitaro


All I can say is that NaHaiWriMo, created by Michael Dylan Welch has not only given people, new and seasoned, a lot of confidence, but produced a number of stunning haiku which will be seen in various print and online magazines throughout 2011.

Michael asked if I'd have a go at a companion event for March, which I was well chuffed to do, and I'm right now thinking of the March 11th challenge. ;-)

BTW there's going to be something special about the NaHaiWriMo phenomenon coming to non-Facebook users! ;-)

For those of you who don't use FB and twitter etc... and for example miss out on Fay Aoyagi's haiku a day, or Matt Morden's twitter renku and marathon running and composing, there's hope that some print journals etc... will stop missing out on good contemporary haiku and print them.

I've always thought of haiku as very modern, and transmedia (I used the term for the Naked Haijin Productions events I ran back in the 1990s).

The internet seemed a logical place for haiku as it's a community type of poetry with links to renga and renku.  FB and twitter and the other community based systems seem to be logical extensions and developments on from the big group physical gatherings in pre-industrial Japan which Basho attended on a fairly regular basis, health allowing.

It's also great for those who can't attend physical meetings, and I know a few people who can't for serious health reasons.

BTW although I'm joining CAMBO I realise that electronic is the way to go eventually, love it or hate it. ;-)



Update on social networking:

During the ongoing earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan, people were tweeting 1200 tweets a minutes.

Twitter was the only means of communication as phone lines were down, and a cellphone being used as an old fashioned telephone is way too slow to inform a thousand people in a few seconds; and TV stations, well who's going to watch a TV when death might be seconds away?

Twitter was able to give people much needed uptodate information, where many people might only have seconds, or at the best, a few minutes to get away.


Michael Dylan Welch

Grace, for more detailed information about NaHaiWriMo, please also visit


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