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Started by Laura Sherman, February 28, 2011, 01:42:42 PM

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Hello John,  Thanks for the link that showed the correct pronounciation for the term senryu.  As the writers who are most interested in haiku and related forms, my husband and I often pass along information to the other members of our local writer's group as well as give talks during library programs here.  I wanted to be sure and pronounce the term correctly since I have (somewhat by default) wound up teaching others in my town about these genres.  Your input about authorial comment was also welcome.  I hope to become more aware of when I'm doing this, but realistically it may take me a few tries.  Still, you shed light on this for me.  Thanks.  Rebecca Drouilhet.


Hello Alan,  Thanks for providing the information you shared about authorial comment.  My understanding of this is deepening, but I think I might still need some suggestions in the advanced mentoring section if I slip into this again.  It might take a little practice before I instantly recognize it.  I found your comments very clear and helpful, however.  Thanks for taking the time to help me clarify this.  Rebecca Drouilhet

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