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Welcome to the In-Depth Free Discussion Area

Started by Jim Kacian, November 29, 2010, 04:51:00 AM

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Jim Kacian

Welcome to this free discussion board!

Based on the lively discussions that have taken place on the THF blog troutswirl, we felt there was a need for Foundation readers and supporters not only to have a place where they could have their voices heard, but where they could initiate the topic of the discussion.  Some of the other boards in this forum are dedicated to particular features, as previously on the blog. But here you direct the interaction. Feel free to jump into any conversations that interest you, or start your own. We encourage you to raise any questions, prove any points, initiate any conversations about any haiku topic.

Welcome, and enjoy!


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Adam Traynor

Congratulations on getting this forum started. A concern I have is that from what I have seen of forums, the tendency is write fairly quick messages which may be thoughtful, but not necessarily thoughtfully, or well written. I guess that was true somewhat over on Troutswirl, but it did seem that some folks made the effort to take some time with what they posted. I guess my wish here is that people not fall into the "texting" mode. Is my concern unfounded?




Being new to this forum I'm not quite sure where to ask this question, so I'll try here.   Apologies if it is the wrong place.   Is there an online haiku workshop available for beginners and intermediate haiku writers?   If not is someone willing to offer one?   I expect to pay a fee for their time and expertise.

Jim Kacian

hi js

welcome to the foundation's forums
actually we have a lot of people who are in the same position you're in, and we have resources for you
once you have registered, you should find, in the menu of available forums, sites that address exactly the situation you are in
the "new to haiku" are offers mentoring for beginners, mentoring for intermediates, a free discussion area, and the online experiences of a newbie such as yourself, laura sherman, as she proceeds through the process of learning about the genre
feel free to explore the other areas, too, of course, but i think you'll find what you need in these sites
take care, and again, welcome

jim kacian


Thanks Jim.  I'm a big fan of Red Moon Press.

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