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Four Virtual Haiku Poets

Started by AlanSummers, August 14, 2012, 05:06:54 PM

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Four Virtual Haiku Poets

Yet To Be Named Free Press:

Authored by Scott Terrill, Brendan Slater, Colin Stewart Jones, Michael Goglia

Edited by Alan Summers, Brendan Slater

Four Virtual Haiku Poets contains modern haiku tackling themes such as loss, aspiration, drugs, sexual abuse, fugitiveness, sex, poverty and the inner conflicts of humanity.

Four Virtual Haiku Poets
Yet To Be Named Free Press
Publication Date: Aug 14 2012
ISBN/EAN13: 1478307544 / 9781478307549

The book will shortly be available at Amazon.


Cage Fighting

An Introduction to Four Virtual Haiku Poets by Alan Summers

"Gritty, experimental, human and readable for a mainstream audience."
Brendan Slater

The poem, in all its forms, perhaps, to paraphrase Ian Sansom - frequent contributor and critic for The Guardian and the London Review of Books - remains a most elusive thing.  One minute you think you have it pinned down, and the next it's moved, both geographically, and in its mode of transport.  If you thought you knew everything about haiku poetry, here's an exploration into other styles and approaches.

What of short verse, and in particular, haiku and other aspects of haikai literature in the fledgling 21st century?

This book covers three geographic locations, that of Britain, America and Australia, and poetry that's an excitement of language yet still contained in tight cages called haiku.  That's what we are invited here to see, "the where and how of poets" contained in tight enclosures. I want the reader in me to have these four poets excite me in their approach to poetry, to language, to words, and to their audience, while all the while using the constrained framework of haiku.

These poems offer up possibilities for the many aspects of existence that we embrace or fail to embrace, or should not embrace.  These may be poems living on, or off the edge, perhaps always living too dangerously close to the flame, but we need only read them, and back off, and then become relieved we are not in their universe of existence, and then revisit them with the shock of strong black coffee, or a splash of cold water.

How do we enter into conversation with these poets, or is a poem an argument? What are the basic intentions on offer that are indispensable to compose these poems?


We will leave that up to its readers, and how they engage with the original and different format of the book as a whole.

Alan Summers, Co-Editor
Four Virtual Haiku Poets

Edit Reason: to include book cover
Alan Summers,
founder, Call of the Page


The book is now available from Amazon UK and should be available on other Amazon platforms within a week's time.

For updates please check our site:

Alan Summers,
founder, Call of the Page

Chase Gagnon

After looking at the themes in this book, its something i want. Ill for sure buy a copy.

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