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AHG announcement

Started by John McManus, June 12, 2012, 10:43:40 AM

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John McManus

A Hundred Gourds : Wanted, a Webmaster

The on-line journal A Hundred Gourds (AHG) is in need of a webmaster, preferably someone with an interest in haiku and related poetry. The position, as all other positions related to the AHG journal, is a voluntary one, so the compensations are not monetary but rather those that come with working with a dedicated team to produce a high quality journal that serves the world-wide English-language 'haiku & related' community.

A Hundred Gourds, a quarterly journal, is published on the first day of March, June, September and December. The AHG webmaster receives the completed sections, one from each editor, six weeks in advance of publication date, with the exception of book reviews for the 'expositions' section and the traditional haiga for the 'haiku' section, which webmaster may receive up to three weeks before publication date. Features, a separate category, may be received up to four weeks before publication date. The final two weeks before publication are reserved for proof reading of the completed sections and any resulting necessary corrections to text or format before the issue is made available to the public.

The AHG website is presently set up using Dreamweaver software templates; however, the new webmaster need not use Dreamweaver to format the journal.  Ray Rasmussen is willing to act in a supporting or 'coaching' role at first to a new webmaster, if need be.

We believe that AHG is a good journal that is needed by the growing haiku community. We look forward to any and all enquiries from potential webmasters, and please circulate this message among your friends.

Please have a look at the current issue of A Hundred Gourds and the two archived issues:

Please address enquiries about the webmaster position to both Ray Rasmussen and Lorin Ford:

Lorin Ford         -<>

Ray Rasmussen - <>


Lorin Ford, haiku editor

for the Management Team
A Hundred Gourds


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