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The Haiku Foundation Video Archive Campaign at IndieGoGo

Started by eluckring, April 17, 2012, 03:08:47 AM

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The Haiku Foundation Video Archive Campaign at IndieGoGo

Help us create the first collection of in-depth interviews, presentations and readings documenting the history and development of 20th century English-language haiku (ELH). Our goal is to film as many of the remaining first generation ELH poets, translators and scholars as possible, and make the resulting videos available to anyone who wishes to view them on the Foundation website. This will yield an instant and engaging history of the genre, put a face to the famous poems you have loved for years, and provide a sense of the personal style and presence of our genre's best poets.
Haiku poet Eve Luckring, accomplished photographer and video artist, and I will collaborate on a series of interviews. We will conduct in-person interviews using professional audio and video equipment. Within one year, with your help, The Video Archive will launch its website at The Haiku Foundation. THF is a nonprofit organization staffed entirely by volunteers. A handful of generous people have funded our project so far; we need your help to realize The Video Archive. 
Through the generosity of several talented artists, we have an enviable array of incentive gifts at different levels of giving to make your contribution even sweeter: choose a personalized THF FlipNotes haiku notebook (every haiku poet should have at least one), several pieces of original art, even have one of your poems turned into an original and unique haiga by outstanding sumi-e artists Ion Codrescu and Lidia Rozmus. But these opportunities are limited, and first come, first served. Don't be disappointed—check out our campaign site now and select the incentive you want before they get away.

This is a word of mouth campaign, and its success relies on people being aware of the project. You can help us succeed in the following ways:

1. CONTRIBUTE: $25 or more, then pledge to invite 5 others to do the same. If 200 people do this we will have raised $5,000, and the chain of micro-giving will continue and grow
2. SHARE: the link on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, email your friends!
3. SPEAK: to your specific network of people and get them excited about the project.

We look forward to sharing the results of this project—wonderful video experiences—as soon as we can. Thank you in advance for your support of this important cause.

Take care.

Jim Kacian
President, THF

Mark Harris

the video Eve Luckring and Jim Kacian put together for the Video Archive campaign is really compelling, I think, and a preview of what the Video Archive interviews will be like.

Just for fun, we've posed a question in an update to the campaign. It's part of a game called Name This Poet. So far, no one's come up with the answer. If you want to play...

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