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Haiku Site For Sale

Started by Kizen, February 07, 2012, 05:37:12 PM

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Hi there,

I am selling my website of about 70 pages,

It receives on average about 120 visitors a day and it has an Alexa Rank of 770,931.

The vast majority of this traffic comes through google, with some also coming from facebook and other search engines.

The site appears on the frontpage of google for various different keywords.

Accompanying the website is a facebook page with about forty 'likes'.

This site might form a platform for anyone interested in selling any books or products related to haiku, or simply be an interesting project to continue for anyone with an interest in the form.

All of the pictures on the site are taken from wikimedia commons, or uniquely designed, and so have no copyright restrictions. Also, all of the content on the site has been written by myself (apart from alot of haiku poems, that have been referenced appropriately).

There are also several interviews on the site that have been conducted with some popular haiku poets.

Since starting the site, the traffic has continually grown:

I am selling because my focus is shifting elsewhere and so I do not have the time to make the site as successful as I would like it to be, the cost of hosting the site is also a strain on my limited budget.

Currently I host the site with SBI, who are more than just a hosting service and really a whole community of website owners. The current fee for this hosting is £18 a month, or $30.

If you desired, you could move the site to a cheaper host - I have been told there are various out there.

Please pm me with any offer if you are remotely interested,

All the best,




I am now giving this site away for any haiku enthusiasts to take over!

PM me if you are interested


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