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How is today similar to the day's of Buson?

Started by chibi575, December 05, 2011, 01:43:11 AM

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I have recently acquired a copy of Modern Langauage Asian Studies Emory Professor Cheryl Crowley's book, "HaiKai Poet Yosa Buson and the Bashou Revival".  Professor Crowley was/is a fellow member of Pinecone, the North Georgia Haiku Circle, mentored by the late Peggy Lyles.

I have noticed some parallels to Buson's time and our time as far as the transition and change in the course of Japanese literature, mainly, from the "common" and "popular" to the slow almost weak revival of the traditional of which Buson tried to initiate in his life time and later Shiki, being an admirer of Buson more than Bashou tried to embrace and foment in "modern" Japanese literature.

I hope to keep an open mind-heart towards Buson's notions as I read further in Professor Crowley's book.  I intuit that my tenets towards hokku/haiku (as a Japanese literary form) transitioning to gendai and non-Japanese "haiku" has elements similar to what Buson expounded.  But, further reading is the plan as I have only finished the introduction and just started, Chapter 1, "Buson, the BUNJIN (LITERATI), and the Bashou Revival.  (Cheryl's book is for graduate level university study, but, is starting to fill gaps I have as far as what I knew about Yosa Buson).

Happy Holidays...
gift wrapping between sips
of eggnog

A Cracker Barrel patron believes
Santas can say "Merry Christmas" now

Gabi Greve

Thanks Chibi san,
maybe you become a bunjin yourself some day,
just start writing calligraphy, paint sumi-e and a few more things that a bunjin cherishes . . .

and both ways of the bunbu ryoodoo 文武両道 is another thing of the samurai way ... apart from 文 the literati part you have to practise the bu (swordfighting, archery and the lot ...).

So there is a lot to do come the year of the Dragon!


I am bunjin in WOW (World of Warcraft, online multiplayer game) hahahaha!!

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