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IHS International Haiku Competition - RESULTS

Started by Seaview (Marion Clarke), November 01, 2023, 02:23:42 AM

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Seaview (Marion Clarke)

IHS International Haiku Competition 2023 Results

1st Prize

mother of pearl
the silvers and greys
of moonlight

Simon Hanson (Australia)

2nd Prize

martins leaving the dark half of the year

John Barlow (England)

3rd Prizes:

spring wind spoken by a pine

Gregory Longenecker (USA)

sunlit stillness
a pair of mallards
exchange breaths

Ron C. Moss (Australia)

Honourable Mentions

In alphabetical order:

white buddleia
the winding flights
of midnight moths

John Barlow (England)

midnight blue
all the stars in the sky
in the lake

Marion Clarke (Northern Ireland)

coming in waves
darkness and moonlight
lapping the shore

Simon Hanson (Australia)

water's edge...
a night heron
probes the moon

Jo McInerney (Australia)

day moon
one then two spiders
floating on seas

Richard L. Matta (USA)

billabong sunset
eyes among
the waterlilies

Cynthia Rowe (Australia)

Holocaust museum –
the names above bodies
lying in trenches

Dan Salontai (USA)

Many congratulations to the worthy winners, and many thanks to everybody who submitted their work to this contest!,win%20more%20than%20one%20prize.

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