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The Seashell Game - Round Three

Started by David Lanoue, February 06, 2011, 06:15:39 PM

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Peter Yovu

David, I had not read your blog entry, but seeing what you wrote now, it would seem you and I have a similar view. I wrote above (modified here):

"It is entirely plausible (if one does not require plausibility) that--  still under the spell of the beach, feeling open and perhaps a bit sea-and-sky-struck, that one might cross the threshold (back) into familiarity and experience it in a new way: a moment when one's voice is transformed".

I'm still not convinced that the poem as a whole works, though. I worry about the "inkblot" aspect. The reader may in some sense "complete" a poem, (generally speaking)-- but sometimes may be required to do all the work. After all, readers of haiku are given, I think, to go off on an associational journey based on very little. Even "August cicadas" (just the two words) seems enough to fulfill many needs. Probably "August" would suffice. Or "tundra".

I think that would make an interesting discussion, though right now I'm not sure how it could be approached.

Anyway, my vote goes to "the longest night". And though it is probably illegal, I'm stuffing the ballot box with votes for you and my hat as well for presenting and presiding over a valuable forum which I hope others pick up on.

By the way, it's very interesting that this SG3 got significantly fewer "views" and "replies" than the last two. I wonder why.

David Lanoue

Peter and All,

If the Third Round attracted fewer comments than the first two, perhaps this is just a reflection of life and how busy people are becoming. I find that the deeper we go into the "work year," the less time I can scrounge for important things like comparing seashells. Or...maybe we have lurkers about who haven't felt the need to contribute since there has been a solid majority vote for Petar Tchouhov's haiku (in my count 5: you, John, Chibi, Maya and Sandra)--with one vote (Lorin's) going to Slavko Sedlar's haiku. This being the deadline day for voting, I believe I can officially declare "the longest night" the winner, though, as I've said before, the point isn't the decision but the conversation that has led to it.

I have a special surprise for Round 4--complete with a Mystery Guest who will enter the fray at some point. Stay tuned!


Tuned up... but your on vacation, eh?  :o


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