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Started by Peter Yovu, August 14, 2011, 06:50:44 PM

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Peter Yovu


As posted below, the latest Roadrunner is online. Though lately Modern Haiku and to a lesser extent Frogpond publish short poems that squawk when they they are dropped into the box of definition (HSA or other)-- Roadrunner for some years has attracted poems which come equipped with box-cutters. Some, yes, are sharper than others, and there is even the possibility that a new box is being constructed into which the nu ku (naked/new haiku) will be somewhat comfortable. . .  but we shall see.

What I do see right now is people flexing new muscles. So these are interesting times for those who don't feel such a thing is a curse. Really, it is akin to the time when some of us saw something shining and unattainable in haiku. Sadly, haiku has become all too attainable.  One rarely sees the presence of something instinctual, alive, and dripping with the juice of something its author cannot claim. (Sorry to sound so like D.H. Lawrence).

But isn't it something like that which we want? Do you know about the guy, Hubert Duprat, who collaborates with caddisfly larvae to make beautiful objects? Check it out--

So maybe poems, short poems, haiku, nu ku, are truly collaborations between us (we provide the materials) and something wild, something which is, but is not. . . us. It is another way of talking about the thing Bly said about the need for shadow to "invade" the poem, to rise into it from an unknown place.

A review of Roadrunner is probably overdue. This means taking a look at the direction(s) a handful of writers are taking, and what that might mean for haiku. And for poetry.

I'll come back with some poems from the new issue which have grabbed me, (and apparently want to add me to the bejeweled tube they are building). And perhaps others will do the same.

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