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Premier Edition of HHTS Songbirds Online annual anthology—CLOSED

Started by Seaview (Marion Clarke), November 23, 2022, 08:58:33 AM

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Seaview (Marion Clarke)


Submissions for the United Haiku and Tanka Society's Premier Edition of Songbirds Online annual anthology are open from 1 November 2022 until 1 December 2022. (midnight) GMT.                                                                                                                        Submission Guidelines...become a "songbird"
1. Please send your work in the body of an email only, with no attachments, and include your country, name, and email address.
2. Works that have never been previously published will be considered "first", and works posted online, in print, on social media sites, blogs, or websites, will then be considered, but please list where they appeared).
3. Works submitted elsewhere simultaneously will not be considered.
4. Please submit either haiku or tanka, or a combination of both. No set theme or season, and no limit to the number of submissions.
5. Works must be submitted in English, no special syllable or word count   is required, however a "songlike" short, long, short rhythm for haiku, and an s,l,s,l, long for tanka is preferable.
6. Poets should be open to discussing constructive suggestions.
7. Works that will not be considered:

Mainstream short-form poems
Linked verse
Rhymed poetry         
Tanka Art
Tanka prose

Response Time: Within a week of submitting, and if you don't hear by then, please resend.   Submit your work with the subject heading of SONGBIRDS SUBMISSIONS to an'ya by sending to:   theunitedhaikuandtankasociety at gmail dot com

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