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Heliosparrow Semagrams Mayday Poetry Contest—CLOSED
« on: May 02, 2022, 05:24:04 PM »
Dear Poets of Heliosparrow and beyond,

Heliosparrow Poetry Journal is holding a Semagrams Mayday Poetry Contest! We aren't quite sure what semagrams are, and we invite your explorations and discoveries. Semagrams invoke a circularity of time, by using short-form poetry styles and techniques. Hopefully, some of the ideas and examples presented in the explanatory text attached will interest and inspire you.

Our contest runs from today May Day through May 31.

Attached to this letter, please see:

You are welcome to send as many semagrams as you like. If you have a special formatting or layout, please send a Word document or PDF with your letter.

Everyone is welcome to share the attached Word document and to forward this letter: we'd like to reach as many poets as possible.

Send your Semagrams to Heliosparrow Poetry Journal at:
Please put “Semagrams” in the Subject line

First Prize, $50.00, and all winners will be published.

Thank you for your time, and as always, for your poetry,

Richard Gilbert, Clayton Beach, editors
Heliosparrow Poetry Journal

P.S. There is a word file that came with the email that goes into more detail, but for some reason I couldn't copy it or add it as an attachment. I'm sure if you contact Richard or Clayton, they'd send it to you. I believe my email is listed in the haiku registry so if you contact me I'll send you the doc.
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