Author Topic: Submissions for next issue of Drifting Sands - Open 1st-30th June  (Read 78 times)


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Submissions are open at Drifting Sands (June 1st-30th).

Please, help welcome guest editor Keith Polette by sending one of your best poems for him to read. He is eager to see and hear your voice. Here's the submissions page:

The submission/publication schedule has changed. Here are the details.

February 1-28 for the March 2022 issue: Editor TBD
April 1-30 for the May 2021 Issue: Joan Prefontaine
June 1-30 for the July 2021 issue: Keith Polette
August 1-31 for the September 2021 issue: Diana Webb
October 1-31 for the November 2021 issue: 2021 Jo Balistreri
December 1-31 for the January 2022 issue: Adelaide B. Shaw

Thank you for your continued interest in, and support of, Drifting Sands. We look forward to seeing you and your camel at the Oasis again soon.

Richard Grahn
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