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Where is serious discussion?

Started by Adam Traynor, July 13, 2011, 09:05:27 PM

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Adam Traynor

Seems like the forum has boiled down to a handful of folks in the mentoring sections and that's about it. Where are the serious discussions, the Sailings, the Periplums, etc? And when there is a discussion, how come only 5 or 6 people engage? How come?

John McManus

Hi Tray, Periplum has been on hiatus due to David being busy with other commitments.

Peter, who is moderator for the sailings does pose some intriguing questions. I do realise that there only seems to be a certain selection of folks who actively participate with the sailings. I can only speak for myself I'm afraid, so I can't tell you others reasons for not joining in, but I suspect that some of the stuff in those threads might be going over some folks heads. I know some of it goes over mine, but I do try to participate when I feel able to.

How come you don't contribute to the sailings?



I'd welcome more discussions again, so Tray, it would be brilliant if you start something.

I love theory, but I also love mentoring, as well as live events of course.

all my best,



Hey Tray,

for me it is that grand abstraction of TIME that is the issue.

Just a thought, Jack Galmitz and Paul Pfleuger Jr. post poems everyday on the homepage of THF.

Maybe you could post a response to one you that moves you-- I always like reading your posts--
or invite other people you would like to hear from to do so.  (see my response to Jack under Per Diem post)

Peter Yovu

This question has come up before, on Troutswirl. In fact, I think I myself have asked it. I had a rather idealistic view that serious writers would love the opportunity to engage with each other. Could be many reasons this does not occur. I appreciate Eve bringing up the matter of time constraints, esp. as she finds the time to contribute nonetheless.

I too have suggested contacting others to encourage them to engage here. Some people I've contacted say they will and don't. Some say they don't like to participate in electronic media such as this, which I quite understand. Others that things get too "intellectual".

My experience with the Sailings is that it takes a bit of diligence and patience to keep up. I myself regret that I cannot respond to each point made, and I trust that sooner or later, everything will cohere, that loose threads will be picked up by someone, somehow. I do believe that this would be made more possible by greater participation.

But what I say implies a degree of dedication, as well. I suspect that the level of care and dedication to serious discussion that we are speaking about may be severely challenged by the medium itself, which tends to encourage rapid, cursory, and often ill-thought-out and disembodied response. I think all of us who have engaged here have had the experience of having to clarify remarks we've made, especially around the feeling-tone when things get hot.  I greatly appreciate the willingness to try to go beyond these tendencies that many have shown.

I would love to hear from writers/readers who have not taken part in discussions as to their reasons for not doing so. Not enough time? Too messy? People ignore your ideas? The medium is not conducive. . .?

I believe I may have made that request on Troutswirl as well. Deja Yovu.

Mark Harris

Yes, there are many reasons why the conversation here ebbs and flows. Sometimes, as in my case recently, major life events intrude. I'm sorry to say I haven't been inspired to post here for a while, not because there's no inspiration to be found, but just because. Time, as Eve mentions, is a factor, and energy. Peter, I appreciate how you and others put yourselves out there to express ideas not fully resolved and hard to verbalize. My forays here have been, at least in part, experiments in being open, unguarded, conversational in a format that's not really conversation. I recently looked back over some of the stuff I've written, and cringed, I must admit. C'est la vie. I like to imagine we are conversing. Maybe sitting in a tavern with a scotch and a beer, and shooting the breeze.

We're not all looking for the same sorts of conversation here, that's for sure, and that's okay. To those of you who raise intriguing topics for discussion, thank you.


Please state the nature of your poetry emegency.   ;D


Alan Summers,
founder, Call of the Page

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