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inkblots revealing my story

Started by AlanSummers, January 10, 2019, 07:34:50 PM

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Just released!

inkblots revealing my story to the therapist
by Lori A Minor

"Lori A Minor is what I call a 'current' writer rather than just someone who is contemporary, it's bigger than that. Follow her work, and you can't go wrong, if you want the hidden pulse of the younger generation in society. It's not just squeezing the "breaks" for what they are worth, it's through blood and trial where she's forced herself through more than one glass ceiling.

Lori isn't just an important writer, and even that she's 'current': It's because we need poets and writers like her, we really do, who with heart, truth, bravery, and honesty, under fire, and to go that extra mile for all of us, whatever generation we represent. Lori has sheer raw decentness and her frontline bravery shines through. If you need to find permission to write, and "to be", look to Lori A Minor, who defies any institutionalised permission, or censure."

Alan Summers,
founder, Call of the Page

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