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Meetings and Other Gatherings / Re: Haiku Summer School
Last post by AlanSummers - July 12, 2024, 06:02:42 PM
Full details now up!


There are two named time zones, they will overlap with other geographical areas.
Please submit in January for the spring issue and in July for the fall issue.
Thanks very much for your interest. And for writing!
We accept publications via a Google Form.

We only publish haiku and senyru. If accepted, we strive to present your work in a way that will make you proud. Our print journal is 5.5 x 6 inches, on heavy gloss paper and with much use of color.  No more than two haiku appear on a page. Our issues present 44 poems. Here is a video by our editor Michael Dylan Welch with samples from our first issue, which will give you an idea of the kind of work we publish. Please have a look before submitting so you will know what we publish. In each issue, we feature a "best of issue" poem which wins the author a free copy of the issue, a 1-year subscription, and publication of 10 of their poems in our "Ten haiku by..." online chapbooks.

We only consider previously unpublished haiku or senryu. However, We consider haiku posted on your own social media accounts.
We do not adhere to the 5/7/5 rule. At all. We are open to 1, 2, & 3 lines (and other configurations.)
We do not publish poems that include the phrase "first frost."
No titles with poems, please.
Submit up to 3 haiku or senryu during a reading period.

We accept submissions in January for the Spring issue and July for the Fall issue.

Our editors intend to notify all submitters of our decision within 6 weeks after the close of a submission period. We apologize in advance for the wait. We routinely get 650-750 poems per submission period.

too long to respond
many haiku in inbox
nice problem to have
We are using Google Forms to collect and work with submissions. You will receive an email copy of your submission. In the copy you receive, formatting (line breaks) will not appear. However formatting is retained in the submission that we have.

Thanks for your support,

Dale Wisely, Elizabeth McMunn-Tetangco,
Michael Dylan Welch, Eric Burke
NB: Submissions accepted via Submittable only


Poetry that is accessible, prose that is poetic, and artwork of the natural world that will wow us.

We're looking for work that is nuanced, raw, and imagistic with strong elements of the natural world or hints to the human-nature relationship. We tend to favor work that is unexpected, evocative, yet subtle, with a strong sense of place and strong imagery.

We prefer shorter works that use brevity to its advantage, with simple formatting and uncomplicated language.

Please keep in mind the seasonal nature of the issue you're submitting to.

Poetry & Prose

We prefer free-verse poetry and prose that is accessible to readers, is straightforward, and avoids fancy language.

We opt for the less traditional, Westernized style of haiku and tanka that does not follow strict syllable structures, while honoring the haiku aesthetic and characteristics.

We do not publish experimental work, and very rarely do we publish poems longer than one page.

Please edit your work before submitting. While typos aren't enough to automatically reject your work, it is important to submit your final, edited piece(s). Upon acceptance, we may suggest minor edits to your work.

Visual Art

When it comes to art, we like both the realistic and the abstract—think out-of-focus photography, minimalism, intentional camera movement, and impressionistic smears of colors on a canvas. We love photographs of nature, be it landscapes, animals, or otherwise.

What We're NOT Looking For

We like contemporary, but we shy away from human elements, like work that references technology—like your iPhone or Tinder or TikTok.

We will not publish profanity, discriminatory work of any kind, political pieces, or work that is fantastical in nature or of the horror genre. We steer away from work that is entirely anthropocentric. We don't like personification, unless done subtly and skillfully.

We will not accept works created by robots, such as those created using AI technology like ChatGPT or similar means. Your work must be wholly created by you.


Poetry – Up to 5 poems (or up to 10 haiku, tanka, or micropoetry 5 lines or less). Please include all poems in one document.
Prose – No more than 2 pieces, 500 words maximum per piece.
Artwork & Photos – Up to 8 works, high resolution (300dpi). Be sure that the titles of your artwork are included in the file name.


Spring issue – December 1st - February 1st, published in March
Summer issue – March 1st - May 1st, published in June
Fall issue – June 1st - August 1st, published in September
Winter issue – September 1st - November 1st, published in December
Submissions. We only consider submissions sent through our online submission manager (Submittable). Emailed submissions will not be considered. Submissions must be accompanied by a brief 50 to 100 word third-person bio. Poetry and prose submissions should be sent in a single document (.doc or .docx formats preferred). Art must be high resolution (300dpi, .jpg or .jpeg formats preferred). Response time varies depending on where we are in our review cycle, but please allow up to three months for a response. Before submitting, please see our past issues for the type of work we publish.

Simultaneous Submissions & Withdrawals. We accept simultaneous submissions, but we must be immediately notified if a piece is accepted elsewhere. If you wish to withdraw one or several pieces from your submission, please email us directly with the titles of the work(s) you are withdrawing. If you wish to withdraw your entire submission, please use Submittable's "Withdraw" option.

Previously Published Work. We will not accept work previously published in an online or print magazine. We do not consider work posted to a blog, social media account, or personal website as published.

Publishing Rights. We ask for first time worldwide rights for accepted pieces. Following publication, all rights revert back to the contributor. Please note that your work first appeared in Humana Obscura if it is reprinted elsewhere on the web or in print. By submitting to Humana Obscura, you affirm that you are the sole owner of the work and that the work does not infringe upon the copyright or other rights of anyone. By submitting, you grant permission to the publisher to share the published material(s), and in some cases the contributors' name, image, or likeness, in the publication as well as on the publisher's digital platforms, including through digital mail and on its website and social media accounts, for the sole purpose of promoting the work and/or the creator.

Payment. At this time, we are not able to offer payment to our contributors for published works; however, we frequently and vigorously promote our writers/artists and their work (both within Humana Obscura as well as outside our magazine), so be sure to subscribe to our magazine and connect with us on X (@humanaobscura), Instagram (@humanaobscura), and Facebook.

Please do not submit more than once per genre per reading period. You may, however, submit to more than one genre within one reading period. Additional submissions will not be read. Submissions received outside of our reading period will not be read.

INTERVIEW SERIES (Beginning January 1st, 2024)
Starting in January, we will choose 1 to 2 contributors for the interview series through an application process based on several questions. In order to be considered for an interview, you must submit work to the current issue. Only applications sent via Submittable will be considered.

ANNUAL ANTHOLOGY (2024, Theme: "Blue")
Humana Obscura is open to submissions of poetry and art year-round for it's annual anthology, published in January and featuring work received during the previous year. Our first anthology will be released in January of 2025. Our first anthology will focus on a theme of "blue," and however you interpret it—as the sky, the ocean, the shade of a particular flower, or an emotion. In keeping with this theme, a percentage of submission fees will be donated to Ocean Conservancy.

Please send any inquiries to editor[at]humanaobscura[dot]com
The Haibun Journal

The Haibun Journal, launched in Ireland April 10th 2019, is a print journal specialising in the haibun literary form. We would appreciate your support with submissions of work and/or purchase of the journal which will appear in April and October each year.

The editors are: Sean O'Connor (Editor), Amanda Bell, Kim Richardson and Paul Bregazzi (Assistant Editors).

To submit haibun:

Submit up to three haibun per issue.

Send work not under consideration elsewhere.

If your submission contains haiku already published please indicate that with the publication details.

Submit work for the April issue during the month of January and during July for the October issue.

Please state in the subject line: THJ, your name, where you live and the date.

Example: THJ, Mary Smith, Cork, Ireland, 01/02/2019.

Please place the work in the body of the email and do not send attachments – they will not be opened.

Email to:

Sadly, we are not funded and cannot pay authors and there are no contributor copies.

We are not accepting tanka prose or prose with yongyoshi (four line poems) at this time.

We will consider articles on haibun or haiku (but no submissions of individual haiku). If you would like to submit an article please email the subject of your article and its word count and we will be in touch with you if we wish to consider it.

There will be no restrictions of the length of submissions of haibun.

The Journal has about 60 printed pages, is of a high production standard, printed in Ireland and posted internationally.

The Haibun Journal will have first rights so future publishers are required to credit The Haibun Journal for previously unpublished work it puts into print.

The Haibun Journal retains the right to reprint, electronically or in print, any original work it first publishes with the author being credited accordingly.

Correspondence between the editors and any party are confidential and may not be reproduced without the agreement of the editors.

To buy:

A copy of The Haibun Journal costs Euro 10 each (excluding P & P). To buy a posted copy within Ireland costs Euro 13, anywhere in Europe costs Euro 15 and anywhere else is Euro 19.

Please use Paypal for payments using the email address:  and ensure you select payment in Euro. Thank you.

It is our mission to promote the haibun form and we look forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards,

Sean O'Connor, Editor of The Haibun Journal.

78th Basho Memorial English Haiku Contest

The Deadline  wednesday, July 31, 2024    
How to Apply
Please apply by e-mail.
Please write your haiku , your name, postal address, and e-mail address .

A maximum of 10 haikus per person are allowed.

We only accept unpublished self-made haikus.


Judge  Hidetake Kawaraji

Entry fee  Free

Announcement of Prizewinners
We will send a certificate to the winners.
Prizewinners will be announced at a ceremony during the Basho festival in

Iga city Mie Japan on October 12, as well as on website of the competition sponsors(

We will properly manage your personal information which you have registered
in your entries.

Secretariat  Basho Kenshokai
(Ueno Marunouchi 117-13,Iga city, Mie 518-0873 Japan)

Organized by Iga City, Basho Kenshokai

Call for International Holiday & Food Haiku

Allyson Whipple, creator of The Culinary Saijiki, is seeking haiku and senryu related to food and holidays around the world. Our holidays are grounded in the seasons, and food (or fasting!) is an essential component!

Allyson is seeing haiku/senryu addressing holidays from all over the world. Of course, the haiku/senryu should also connect to food in a clear way. Previously published work is welcome, as well as poems in languages other than English.

You can view the call for submissions and submission form here:

Haiku and senryu in one, two, or three lines are welcome.
Haiku and senryu must connect to both a holiday and foods consumed and prepared for that holiday.
I welcome haiku and senryu in languages other than English. If possible, please provide an English translation.
If someone other than you translated your work into English, please credit them in your submission.
Please fill out the form once per haiku/senryu.
There is currently no limit on the number of times you can submit.
Previously published haiku and senryu are welcome; please remember to credit the prior publication.
I have not yet set a publication date for The Culinary Saijiki manuscript. I am currently aiming for late 2025, but this is subject to change.
There is currently no submission deadline; haiku and senryu are accepted on a rolling basis.
Submission does not guarantee publication; I will let you know if your work has been selected for inclusion, and return unselected poems to you.
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