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Oh-Kaaaay, got it. :]

In-Depth Haiku: Free Discussion Area / Re: Colon/Caesura
« on: January 20, 2015, 07:53:46 PM »
 right,  got it,  thanks for the patient answer Alan.  Though I have to state that I have read some rather to-the rule- usage of  the semi-colon, which was technically right but aesthetically jarring to the eye. So once again, it is the choice of the poet, I guess. And when i get the hang of it, I will be most keen to break the rules, it may take a lifetime though :]

will read the links and mull over

In-Depth Haiku: Free Discussion Area / Re: is gendai good?
« on: January 20, 2015, 06:33:01 PM »

 This is interesting, many links to read more. Thanks all.

In-Depth Haiku: Free Discussion Area / Re: Colon/Caesura
« on: January 20, 2015, 06:14:02 PM »

Given that there are different kinds of readers,  could it be possible that there are different ways they pause in a haiku, 

in regular poetry,  we use line breaks or punctuation,  (or spaces...which is sometimes not possible - for example on Facebook,  spacing is not possible as a format or even punctuation.)

So is it better to show the cut, with the use of dashes, comma etc,  or  is it better to use lie breaks? 
This is something I have been reading a lot on, but somehow there is no clear instruction. I prefer to use a double-em, it always gains the reader's attention and thereby a pause. 


it comes from a one line haiku,

it is the one liner.  Nothing beyond except thought and the visuals.



Alan, there is this digital one liner Book by Jim Kachian,  I was browsing through it,  it has several good one-liners that are great opening lines,

but here is one from me, it may not be a haiku however:

go away moon, shining on tears

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