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Messages - saore

sorry I forgot to put a web link:
It will be online for now maybe later when I learn more about all this I might have it in print through Creatspace.

Thank you Alan.
Submission Guidelines to Undertow Tanka Review

Kindly submit up to 10 previously unpublished  tanka &/or  1 sequence, tanka prose,
"Undertow Tanka Submission" to:

At the end of your submission, please include your full name and country of residence. All rights revert to authors upon publication. Your tanka must not be under consideration elsewhere or submitted to any contest.

Best wishes,

Sergio Ortiz, Editor
Thank you Don.

 ;D  Thank you Alan, thank you.


You are all welcomed to buy and share the link with friends.  I need all the publicity I can get. ;D

Contests and Awards / Re: 2013 VCBF haiku contest
September 26, 2013, 01:24:08 PM

This is great news, congratulations Alan.

Religio / Re: Death Poems
October 03, 2012, 05:41:56 PM
By Dwight Isebia

Is it a lack of respect for the gift of life,
not wanting them to cut in my body
and to refuse a surgeon to decide
to replace my organs and to attach a device
in order to prolong myself,  using money?

Am I wrong to wish my frame to continue,
without revisions and special measures
interfering with the course of nature,
knowing that such would not avoid departure
at a certain moment in future time,
notwithstanding adjustments I now decline?

Is it true that I refuse because I am too Lazy,
irresponsible, selfish, retarded or crazy?
(DPI 2011)

This is just a reflection. I am not ill personally!
- Dwight P. Isebia (

beautiful poem. and another beautiful poem.

Quotebrief lives
today the cherry blossoms
seem more permanent

Periplum / Re: The Seashell Game - Round 2
February 05, 2011, 02:02:08 PM
En el candil cad├íveres  
de zancudos. Alguien solloza
en la habitaci├│n.

"candil" is an "oil lamp" and they are still used, for some reason, at wakes all over Latin America.  My first language is Spanish.  

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