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Messages - Julie B. K.

The programming looks awesome for this! :D
Thanks for posting, Stewart! I gave it a shot.  :)
Happy to report the error was fixed! Yay!
Argh argh and double argh! What a mess! I withdrew "rain mixed with snow" from the competition prior to the completion of judging and there it is, posted. Drat. That first line I inadvertently borrowed from another haiku - I rewrote the poem to fix that and I don't want this version floating around. I have a whole email thread with the contest organizer about this and they knew that I withdrew it. Argh!
Contests and Awards / Haiku Foundation Contests?
February 19, 2015, 12:43:07 AM
Is The Haiku Foundation not holding their annual set of contests this year? Or am I having trouble navigating the mobile website? Thanks--
One of mine is set to receive an Honorable Mention. Congrats, Alan!  :D
RaV: I submitted a poem just now. I did not realize that the contest deadline had passed - the link is still active. Sorry!

Julie B.K.
New to Haiku: Free Discussion Area / Re: All rights
October 30, 2014, 12:50:20 AM
Hi Phil, Alan & Sandra:

Oh, dear. In my attempt to be vague I seem to have made a muddled mess here.

The contest is the Ito En Haiku Grand Prix. It's a monthly contest and I read through all of the 2014 winners to date, which is why I recognized several names among the monthly semi- finalists. Someone I admire and follow on Twitter had a link to the contest, and I'll admit that I wrote a poem for entry without carefully reading the rules. By the time I got around to the submission page, I thought, oh, what the heck, it's one poem, I just won't enter this contest again and I'll write off this poem to experience. But then, a couple of days ago I got a note that I was a semi-finalist for September - yay! - and I had to send in a signed affidavit which basically said - if I read it correctly - that I was signing over all rights, which was my understanding even if I hadn't placed anyway. In for a penny, in for a pound, I suppose. But it was kind of fun to enter and place, which made me wonder about the merits of entering a contest like this in the future.

Hope this clarifies things! I appreciate the insight.

Julie BK

New to Haiku: Free Discussion Area / All rights
October 28, 2014, 02:48:23 AM
I recently entered a haiku contest that required the poet to sign over all rights to enter. Usually, I try to avoid contests or publications with this requirement in favor of first rights, so that I know I retain ownership of my work for the future. But for this particular contest, I noted several prominent haiku poets had entered, despite the all rights stipulation. Is there a time and a place where giving up all rights to your haiku is worth it? I feel like I must be missing something ...

Thanks in advance!
Julie B.K.
Other Haiku News / Re: Haiku Registry
April 26, 2014, 05:24:08 PM
Thanks, Alan.
Other Haiku News / Re: Haiku Registry
April 26, 2014, 03:04:55 PM

Is Under the Basho still accepting poet portfolios for The Living Haiku Anthology? I had some difficulty finding submission information on the website.

Julie BK
Chase and Aubrie: That's a really cool story. I'd love to see the tattoo myself.
I hear what you are saying. I can't read long poems without mentally editing them down into haiku.
Hi Tracy:

You also have my permission to use my poems in your interview. Good luck tonight! It sounds exciting.

Julie B K
Hi Tracy:

I write scifaiku along with haiku. From your post, I'm not sure what you're looking for exactly, but these are two of mine that might work. I have others, but these were the closest to what I suspect is your theme.

first year in space:
toasting our future         
with a bag of champagne

- Julie Bloss Kelsey
(appeared in Scifaikuest's print issue, August 2013)

at the telescope array
intermittent burbling       
from the coffee pot

- Julie Bloss Kelsey
(appeared in Scifaikuest's online issue, August 2013)

Let me know if this helps. :)

Julie B K
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