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Messages - Stewart Baker

Hi all,

The Heron's Nest's annual Peggy Willis Lyles haiku award is accepting submissions of up to 5 haiku from now until June 1st.

Full guidelines are available on the Heron's Nest website:
They posted the winning poem (and runners up) today:

I didn't win, but I did make the shortlist!

I'd love to see your entries, Julie, if you want to share and don't plan to submit them elsewhere!
If anyone would like to win a digital subscription to Scientific American, and also happens to like quantum physics, check out EQUS' quantum haiku contest:

You can submit up to 3 haiku, and the deadline is 23:59 AEST on October 23, 2015 (which is currently GMT + 10).

I would note that the site they link to for a guide to writing haiku is fairly 5-7-5 and traditional in other regards.
Contests and Awards / Re: Haiku Foundation Contests?
February 25, 2015, 03:47:38 PM
Hey, that contest calendar is really neat!  :D
Neat idea!

Judging from your example haiku, not sure this is the best target audience. ;)

Any plans for an Android version?
Thanks, Alan!
Hi all,

I'm very pleased to have been selected for inclusion in New Resonance 9.  The anthology won't publish until May, but I'm trying to "pre-sell" my copies (as it were) by the end of January, so I can afford to pay for my portion of the publication costs.

If you'd like to order a copy, I've set up an order form on my website:

I am charging $15 per copy (with free shipping to US addresses).  Overseas mailing is, alas, a bit more expensive.  As of the time of this post, I have 21 copies still available.

Thanks for your support!

(Mods, please feel free to delete or move this post if it doesn't fit this board.)
Lots of honorable mentions this year!  :o

Some of those youth entries are amazing.
Journal Announcements / Heron's Nest XVI.3 released
September 02, 2014, 09:10:53 PM
Hi all,

The Heron's Nest XVI.3 (September 2014) went live on the site the other day:

Enjoy, and please let me know if you spot any problems. :)

This might be of interest for Haiku News style poems:,+2014&utm_campaign=Poetry+July+30+2014&utm_medium=email

Short version:

The deadline is August 11th.  Send one opinionated poem of any style to  They seem to want short poems, since they are publishing them all on a single page in my understanding.
The winners of this year's award have now been posted to the site:
Not quite a journal, but this project seems particularly well-suited to one-line haiku and other forms which break out of the three-line form.

QuoteThree related sculptures composed of living trees and granite blocks engraved with poems, are conceived to change over time. As the trees grow into old growth giants, they will shift, heave, break and bury the stones and, as a result, the poems engraved on them will be moved as well. The artworks are ongoing, evolving collaborations between the trees, the stones and the poetry––a collaboration that will continue for decades and hopefully centuries.

A central goal of the artworks is to help people gauge and experience the slow but powerful force of plant and tree growth that is happening around us all the time. The works will help visitors engage with a park that they might visit over and over again. They will also act as touchstones to accompany individuals, families and their community across lifetimes––connecting current generations to future ones.

Full details at

The three poems selected will be installed on concrete blocks at a park in SW Portland.  Prize money is mentioned, but it's not clear how much.
 ! ! !

Very exciting.  :D

I'll definitely have to see what I can throw together by August 15th for a submission package.
An excellent home for it.  Glad it all worked out. :)
Those of you whose haiku and tanka tend towards the science fictional or fantastical may be interested in this new e-zine:

They pay $1 per line, with a minimum of $5, and also consider magical realism.

Edit: I sold them a haiku and a tanka for $5 each, so they're definitely fans of Japanese forms.
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