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Journal Announcements / Faces and Places -- Huntington Gardens
« on: August 23, 2017, 08:45:23 PM »
Hey Poets!!! A Call For Submissions!

Visit this link to read about an anthology I am developing for digital publication -- to be archived at the Living Haiku Anthology!

The following is the description of the project:

Faces and Places -- Huntington Gardens

A few years back I created a book of photos and haiku (haiga) titled, "Faces and Places." The photos are of Los Angeles (situations and nature); the haiku are from poets around the world. I matched haiku with photos to create inspired, surprising haiga through the pairings. Poets did not write for anyone photo specifically as I wanted some creative license to see where it all leads. The book can be found here:

... and it is on permanent display at the Living Haiku Anthology.

Today, I'm making an open call to haiku/haiga poets from around the world to submit up to five haiku for this anthology. The photos here are actual examples of photos in the collection. Hopefully, they get you in the mood of gardens and nature and inspire you to write (blindly) for this book. Do not write for any specific photo here. Thank you.

Send you submission to and put "Faces and Places" in the subject line. Include your names as you want it in print as well as the country you are from. Offer a statement of permission and release so that we have the right to publish your poem, if chosen.

Email me if you have any questions. Please, do not post haiku to these photos on Facebook -- they are not prompts in this venue.

Join in! Submit some haiku. Look over our last one, "Faces and Places," and see how beautiful it worked out.

Deadline for submitting is September 30.


Journal Announcements / Under the Basho - 2017
« on: June 10, 2017, 08:34:38 AM »
Hey poets!

Under the Basho 2017 is open for submissions! Please send in your best, unpublished work! We have several divisions of style -- something for nearly everyone!

Join in!

Peace and Blessings,


Journal Announcements / Under the Basho Haiku Journal Submission Deadline
« on: November 14, 2016, 12:21:44 PM »
Hey poets! We are within a day of our submission deadline for Under the Basho haiku journal. Send in your great haiku and let us take a look. Submissions are here:

Join in! Give it a try. From traditional to creative-edge, we look at it all.

blessings . . .

Contests and Awards / The Living Haiku Anthology — Haiku Contest 2016
« on: February 22, 2016, 04:43:34 PM »
An Invitation!

The Living Haiku Anthology is presenting a haiku contest for you to enter your best work(s). The winners and honorable mentions will be archived at the LHA for future reading and study. Join us by clicking the following link:

When you have a moment, click the link below and take a look at the most recent additions to Jim Kacian's portfolio at the Living Haiku Anthology. He has an unparalleled sense of nuance nurtured by his keen ability to notice and observe what's around him.



Journal Announcements / Living Haiku Anthology - "Defining Haiku" section
« on: February 08, 2016, 02:28:02 AM »
Introducing a new section of the LHA that is referenced, "Defining Haiku." This has become and incredibly interesting section of the LHA with offerings many fine haiku poets, both traditional and modern. Drop by and read, ponder, and enjoy. Each person has their own take. I find something in them all to learn from. They will widen your eyes or confirm that you are on a track that makes sense to you – through agreement or disagreement, we learn.

Thanks for joining in.



Other Haiku News / "Ink Zero" by Richard Gilbert and Don Baird
« on: June 11, 2015, 11:11:54 AM »
After a tremendous amount of hard work, creative passions, commiserating, and live readings, Richard and I have completed "Ink Zero," a book of a wide variety of haiku for the broad-palate reader. "Ink Zero" will show up in the data-bases of Barnes and Noble, Amazon etc. in the next few weeks. A reading will be scheduled soon -- so watch for the news!

While Dr. Richard Gilbert is one of the leading and most widely published haiku theorists/scholars/translators, "Ink Zero" is the first book to present his personal haiku as a collection. It has been quite a journey and treat to work with him in developing this book! We are both passionate, to say the least, and the creative fire between us is synergistic -- often profound. Our haiku weave in and out of each other, guiding the reader on a journey of the micro and macro of what is and what isn't --- and nudging "what-could-be." The final chapter is a kind of haiku slam where one haiku is presented and another placed as a response. Sometimes profound, occasionally humorous, and other times almost non-sensical the subtle linking of the poems is fresh, interesting ... and, frankly, fun!

This has been a very exciting adventure culminating from almost two years of development which includes several live performances -- Richard and I reading our haiku together, accompanied by music and a photo slide-show. Hopefully, Richard will be able to visit again soon (possibly early fall) in order for us to do an "Ink Zero" reading together. In the meantime, we are not hesitating to "get the book out there." We are excited about it and hope folks of all levels of haiku interest will enjoy it for years to come.

Peace and Blessings,

to see the cover(s), click the following link to FB

Journal Announcements / Under the Basho Haiku Journal
« on: March 05, 2015, 12:42:50 PM »
Another Year! Under the Basho 2015!

We are now open for Haiku submissions to our organic haiku journal Under the Basho! Submissions opened as of March 1st, 2015 and the journal will be considered to be published on December 1st, 2015. Submit all year long!

For submission:

Please read the categories we offer and submit accordingly.

Join in. Bring us your best haiku!

Thank you!

Editors of the journal are allowed to submit as well. Please send your submissions, of any category, directly to me. Thank you.

Journal Announcements / Faces and Places - Just Released!!!
« on: January 03, 2015, 12:15:14 AM »
Faces and Places is now live!!! Here is a direct link for reading: (this link has a banner at the top ... just click the X at top right corner and it goes away ... it has nothing to do with reading the book ... ignore it) :)

And it is here as well on our bookshelf at the Living Haiku Anthology Flipbooks Library. Just look for the cover and click away!

I hope you enjoy it! Haiku were submitted separate of the images. They were paired, painstakingly, by me -- over a hundred hours of work to figure the presentation between images and poetry. Be sure to read the last page for information as to how the book came about.

Thank you for the submissions. I'm sorry I couldn't accept them all ... but, each poem had to work perfectly with each image ... and some very good haiku were not chosen as a result -- they didn't quite fit the project but are terrific on their own. I'm very appreciative of everyone's efforts.

Thanks again for all of you who submitted poems. I greatly appreciate it.



Journal Announcements / Under the Basho, Second Issue, 2014
« on: December 04, 2014, 02:37:06 AM »
Under the Basho - 2014, is now published!

After a year of growing poet by poet, haiku by haiku, the journal has completed its path.
Drop by and spend some time with us!

Click on the Current Issue, 2014 in the middle of the home page. Also, for your convenience and quick reference, you can revisit and browse easily by clicking on Current Issue by the drop down menu at the top!

Enjoy your visit. Take some time, and peruse.

We're very thankful for the wonderful poets who have submitted their finest work to us. Without these talented people, Under the Basho wouldn't exist!

Thank you poets!

And thank you Team! Our editors really covered our backs this year, considering my health, and several family issues Hansha carried on his shoulders. Our terrific team of editors jumped in, and really helped us out.

Thank you Team.

And, thank you readers!!!

Journal Announcements / A Call for Submissions
« on: November 02, 2014, 09:41:56 PM »
This is an open call for haiku poets to submit poems to Faces and Places -- a book of photography and haiku combined. Basically, it is an anthology with photographs!

The link to the temporary book is the following:

Look it over for inspiration. Submit haiku that are published or not -- either way. If published, be sure to give me the publisher's credits.

Ignore the preface etc... and title page ... and cover. Those are already changed to Faces and Places, etc.

The call for submissions is to acquire, screen, and accept haiku that I feel will be complimentary to the book -- enhancing the reader's experience. We are not trying to create haiga. It will remain a photography book with haiku as seasoning to the visual experience -- mixing urban and nature is a plus. Be sure that the haiku you submit will indeed enhance the reader's experience in the wondering and wandering through the book.

Please submit up to ten haiku. I'm not certain of how many I will accept in total, but not more than 75 and probably not less than 30.

This will remain a digital book and not go to print. It's too expensive with the photos. But, it will be a really nice book that will stand the test of time, I'm certain of that. We will place the book on the digital book case at the Living Haiku Anthology.

Submit to Include in the subject area Submission to Faces and Places. If any questions, use the same email address. Submission deadline is December 15th.

Thank you!

Peace and Blessings.

(all styles of haiku entertained)

Other Haiku News / Shameless Heads-Up! :)
« on: August 27, 2014, 02:22:28 PM »
A few of my latest books on Amazon:

An 80's book Transcending the Void is republished and amongst them! Let me know how you like it.

Haiku Wisdom (not on this page but found through Amazon search, for some reason) is a mix of "easy access haiku," stories, and kung fu philosophy. Light and hopefully thought provoking. As the Crow Flies is a book of more challenging haiku combined with advanced kung fu thoughts and perceptions. Haiku - the Interior and Exterior of Being, is a haiku book that reaches deep into the reader's experience of life. Hopefully, each haiku triggers a great deal of feeling and thought -- and adds to the reader's awareness of the activities (comings and goings) of the Tao and all her ways. This book is my most recent haiku endeavor. It was read at Vroman's bookstore (last month). A packed audience ... haiku ... and good times filled the air! I'm still on a high from that adventure!

pipe puffs . . .
an old man adds
to the storm

—fanning spring . . .
the last seagulls
become a cloud—

over his shoulder;
soldiers come home
one by one

the sound of gunfire

woodpecker —
the unusual tempo
of this morning

the suddenness
of it all

her curves in the hands of the moon

in the space between words     worlds

the distance
between grass blades —
this one ant

powder across the pines across

longing for home I become a memory

daydreaming how quickly my mind

each rose the wind leaves behind

tsunami shore;
the child's hands washed
in blood

the rock—
thinking about rolling,

Drop by, browse, and enjoy!

Thank you.

Other Haiku News / Haiga Exchange
« on: May 20, 2014, 09:13:27 PM »
Haiga Exchange is live now and ready for poets to post "only haiga" - art/photos with haiku, combined. Jim Kacian will blog about this in the next couple of days.  In the meantime, enjoy.


Other Haiku News / Haiku Registry
« on: April 24, 2014, 08:17:48 AM »
Good day to all!  A heads up:

If you haven't joined in the Haiku Registry, please do so soon!  Jot out a succinct bio; bring along a few published haiku; and, share with us what books you have written.  It's a terrific opportunity to ground yourself in the world of haiku poets!




Other Haiku News / Presents of Mind - Jim Kacian and Group
« on: March 26, 2014, 10:31:38 PM »
This is a one of a kind performance of Jim's book Presents of Mind.  English, Japanese, and shakuhachi performance of excellence.  Read the background information on the book and the recording.  Enjoy!


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