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In-Depth Haiku: Free Discussion Area / haiku by Octavio Paz?
« on: August 02, 2016, 08:22:19 AM »
i seem recall a series of haiku by Octavio Paz that was translated and posted on somebody's blog (i think) a few years ago. (perhaps Chris Gordon?) but now i can't find them.

does anyone remember this? know where they can be found?

the poems revolved around a handful of images -- variations and rearrangements of 'white palaces' 'lakes' 'temples' 'processions of animals' if my memory serves me.

curiously, i have never seen or heard of these anywhere else, not even in my book of Paz's Collected Poems, or at least the version i have.

any help in tracking these down would be greatly appreciated. thanks!

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