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Topics - Stewart Baker

Hi all,

The Heron's Nest's annual Peggy Willis Lyles haiku award is accepting submissions of up to 5 haiku from now until June 1st.

Full guidelines are available on the Heron's Nest website:
If anyone would like to win a digital subscription to Scientific American, and also happens to like quantum physics, check out EQUS' quantum haiku contest:

You can submit up to 3 haiku, and the deadline is 23:59 AEST on October 23, 2015 (which is currently GMT + 10).

I would note that the site they link to for a guide to writing haiku is fairly 5-7-5 and traditional in other regards.
Hi all,

I'm very pleased to have been selected for inclusion in New Resonance 9.  The anthology won't publish until May, but I'm trying to "pre-sell" my copies (as it were) by the end of January, so I can afford to pay for my portion of the publication costs.

If you'd like to order a copy, I've set up an order form on my website:

I am charging $15 per copy (with free shipping to US addresses).  Overseas mailing is, alas, a bit more expensive.  As of the time of this post, I have 21 copies still available.

Thanks for your support!

(Mods, please feel free to delete or move this post if it doesn't fit this board.)
Journal Announcements / Heron's Nest XVI.3 released
September 02, 2014, 09:10:53 PM
Hi all,

The Heron's Nest XVI.3 (September 2014) went live on the site the other day:

Enjoy, and please let me know if you spot any problems. :)

This might be of interest for Haiku News style poems:,+2014&utm_campaign=Poetry+July+30+2014&utm_medium=email

Short version:

The deadline is August 11th.  Send one opinionated poem of any style to  They seem to want short poems, since they are publishing them all on a single page in my understanding.
Not quite a journal, but this project seems particularly well-suited to one-line haiku and other forms which break out of the three-line form.

QuoteThree related sculptures composed of living trees and granite blocks engraved with poems, are conceived to change over time. As the trees grow into old growth giants, they will shift, heave, break and bury the stones and, as a result, the poems engraved on them will be moved as well. The artworks are ongoing, evolving collaborations between the trees, the stones and the poetry––a collaboration that will continue for decades and hopefully centuries.

A central goal of the artworks is to help people gauge and experience the slow but powerful force of plant and tree growth that is happening around us all the time. The works will help visitors engage with a park that they might visit over and over again. They will also act as touchstones to accompany individuals, families and their community across lifetimes––connecting current generations to future ones.

Full details at

The three poems selected will be installed on concrete blocks at a park in SW Portland.  Prize money is mentioned, but it's not clear how much.
Those of you whose haiku and tanka tend towards the science fictional or fantastical may be interested in this new e-zine:

They pay $1 per line, with a minimum of $5, and also consider magical realism.

Edit: I sold them a haiku and a tanka for $5 each, so they're definitely fans of Japanese forms.
This free-to-enter contest closes to submissions June 1st.

Submit up to 5 haiku as detailed on the Heron's Nest website at
What are your favourites?  My tanka reading and submitting list is awfully slim. :)
Anybody have advice on how to secure the rights to translate Japanese works into English?


At what point in the process should I contact the rights-holder?
Are there any form letters online I could use for this sort of thing?  My Japanese is probably not quite at the level where I could write an effective legal request from scratch... :)
Spark: A Creative Anthology is a mixed-genre poetry and prose magazine run by a writer friend of mine that's currently accepting submissions for its fourth issue.

The magazine is now accepting submissions of fiction and poetry for its fourth contest, for which the prompt is a single word: Winter.  The poetry guidelines specifically mention that haiku or tanka are welcome submissions.

QuotePoetry limits: We are looking for evocative imagery that paints a small story in a poem. A haiku or tanka has equal chance against a sonnet or epic. Poetry must be less than 150 lines.

Entry is free, with a top prize of $500 and a second place prize of $100 (among other prizes).

Full details here:
Pedestal Magazine, a mainstream online journal, will be open to poetry submissions from September 1-November 30.

Interested poets should submit up to 6 poems in a single file.  (No restrictions on length or theme or style; payment is $40 per accepted poem.)

Full information:

Haiku will likely be a hard sell to this mainstream magazine, but sequences and exceptional tanka may (I suspect) fit the bill.
An unusual, and presumably not likely to recur, opportunity:
Journal Announcements / Crysanthemum website
June 07, 2013, 05:34:18 PM
Does anybody know if Crysanthemum has moved websites, or if it's closed down?  I'm unable to open up either their English or German version.  (Or, for that matter, the host's personal site...)

I was going to show the site to a German friend of mine the other day, and couldn't.
Other Haiku News / Your haiku... on Mars?!
May 17, 2013, 04:01:52 AM
NASA has an open call for haiku to send to Mars aboard the MAVEN spacecraft.

Deadline is July 1st, at which point people get to vote on the submitted haiku.  (Which makes this harder, as you will have to appeal to the average member of the public, as well as those seasoned in haiku.)

The three haikuists with the most votes will be asked to write haiku especially for the occasion, and all haiku will be sent to Mars on a DVD on the spacecraft.  I'm going to go out on a limb and guess they'll be sticking to the 5/7/5 count pretty strictly, too.

The top three entries will also be featured prominently on the website.

A bit out of left field, but cool idea!
Other Haiku News / An NPR haiku project
March 19, 2013, 05:05:20 PM
Posting this here (I am in no way affiliated with NPR) after seeing it on Facebook.  It would be interesting to see mostly haikuists take part instead of those who think they know what a haiku is from learning it in grade school...

QuoteWith the spring cherry blossoms currently in bloom, we're asking for you to submit original haiku to be featured in a collaborative cherry blossom video project! Please keep it to the traditional 17 syllable (5-7-5 format) on the theme of cherry blossoms.

Please post your haiku in a comment or use the hashtag #nprhaiku on Twitter. Submissions will be accepted through Friday, March 22.

Link to Facebook page is:
Journal Announcements / Prune Juice?
January 22, 2013, 05:22:03 PM
Anybody heard anything from the new editor of this senryu journal?  I'm starting to fear it's gone under.
For Christmas this year I'm having my wife's and my wedding rings resized (they never fit) and engraved (we were always too lazy).

I'd like to put something a bit more interesting and meaningful than the usual "here is when we got married" on it.

I think a one-line haiku would fit the bill.  Anybody have any good ideas?  Essential epithets/kigo that refer to stability and permanence?  Or equilibrium-like dynamism?

"Matched pair" would make a neat start.

matched pair-- even when the rain threatens


I'm lousy at this sorta stuff...

40 character limit, including spaces, if anybody else is game to have a go. :)
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