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Topics - nobodhi

Other Haiku News / ... haiku in the news ...
October 05, 2011, 11:15:09 PM
Jane Hirshfield recently became one of the first authors for Amazon to feature in their new series of original content, Singles. The series features works too long for short story and too short for novel length.  She sent them a lecture on Basho, which they retitled as Heart of Haiku.  Guess what ?  It sold 7,000 copies in its first month... ( Jane has stated she has reason to believe much of the popularity is for haiku, rather than her own name ... ) ...

And for those who say haiku unfamiliar to the masses, now Target has dunked into the pond ... I'm not saying they're 100% savvy ... just that you can't say the word haiku ain't Greek to them ...

Welcome.  :D  This free area is open to air topics and themes, issues and plans, as to teaching kids haiku. 

Here are just some possible areas for discussion

    * How can we best teach kids haiku
    * What's already being taught that could use  improvement, and how
    * What lesson plans work -- and don't
    * How to fit teaching material for different age groups
    * Do we consider gender class & race and if so how
    * For ESL, can kids learn to translate their own and others' haiku
    * How to sell The Powers That Be (TPTB) on including haiku as curricula
    * What skill sets do haiku instill & foster
    * How can we teach by including seeing and doing as well as hearing
    * How much time can we allot in a semester for haiku
    * Can haiku be taught to kids online
    * What if there were a national day of haiku for kids — what then
    * Are any state or local poet laureates amenable to haiku for kids
    * How to establish and maintain haiku contests for kids
    * With older students, can haiku be included as a slam category
    * What can kids teach us  ( trees are nourished by their leaves )

Ara toto
aoba wakaba
hi no hikari

QuoteAh, how glorious !
green leaves, young leaves
glittering in the sunlight

— Basho

[ translation by Robert Aitken Roshi ]
Religio / Haiku & Buddhism
August 25, 2011, 09:20:38 PM
Here are some prompts to open conversation.

  • Is haiku an expression of Buddhism — or is Buddhism an adjunct of haiku ?

  • Is Buddhism a religion ?

    • When we say Buddhism, many typically think of Zen, but what about Pure Land (Issa, comes to mind, for example), as well as Theravada ("mindfulness"), Vajrayana (Tibetan), etc ?

    • Is the pause (kireji) within a haiku an expression of sunyata, blank essence — with the vivid imagery on either side instances of suchness (tathata) ?

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