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Messages - Nicole Andrews


I would like some clarity on why this is a haiku, when it is using an image as a metaphor, ' squids/bank clerks....and using the word ' like,' and the whole,  sounding like a statement...?
Is it the translation ? Or do I see a clear space ahead where there is no such thing as a western haiku, just a short poem based on a metaphor?

                                               like squids
                                               bank clerks are fluorescent
                                               from the morning
                                                                          Kaneko Tota

Is ' the morning ' the second image/catalyst?


Hi Alan,

I have used my own photography and haiku, I'm not brilliant at the text inclusion as I'm limited in my technology and find it frustrating to stamp software template writing onto the photo. Sandi Pray is one of the most interesting haiga artists that I've found. It would be interesting to see some British artists as the American approach is very different.
The validation issue comes about from the isolation of the studio and lack of peers, but particularly with haiga and haibun, which have particular criteria, meaning there is a right way and a wrong way...although skill in any genre is through dogged adherence and practice.

What I want to hear...note to self...YOU'RE ON THE RIGHT TRACK, KEEP GOING !!!!!

Hi Alan,

Thanks for mopping up the gravy...good to get clarification on shahai, I like to paint my own ( haiga ) rather than use photo's, I have found it near impossible to find interesting ' art ' haiga. The internet is limited in the treasures it displays and I find you still need to get lucky...or know the right links...the confusion lies with a need for validation from outside myself, that is the weed in my garden that needs pulling...have digging.

Hi Alan,

The example of Haibun that you give is comfortingly broad and worryingly broad...I took part in Ray Rasmussen's haibun forum for a while and my pieces were criticised ( in a good way ) for using a poetic or metaphoric tone. There seemed to be a strict editing of form to create a sombre, pared down, reportative type prose. Does this happen to be a matter of taste and convention or the model for what constitutes a ' good ' haibun? Perhaps I am the type of person whose creativity is crippled by other peoples boxes and I just need to write regardless of squeezing into genre?
What is Shahai?? another definition to widen the box? I looked some up and they just looked like photo haiga to me...

Hi Alan,
Fantastic news, congratulations!
Hi Alan,

Thanks for your informative posts. The one liners I think have totally different rhythms, fluid and circular with cut points that appear and disappear. Within one poem several different readings can be made re-
your poem..

ants following invisible trials the children

The one liner weaves in and out and has a feeling of more wordplay than a three line haiku. The stress points are different too...It's all a bit jazz!



Apologies Don..

lolly pop -
the unique sound
of sugar

Don Baird

sugar she says
I think a tougher word
exists in her mind

Alan Summers

in her mind
it is winter still
- cottonwood flurry


flurry of fingers
the argument
takes off

Nicole Andrews
New to Haiku: Free Discussion Area / Re: haiga
May 29, 2014, 08:03:59 AM
I look forward to participating in this one!

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