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Messages - siskny

Quote from: John McManus on May 03, 2011, 11:40:48 PMinstead of trawling through personal blogs of which there are many! Perhaps it would be a time saver and somewhat easier for you to source from the online journals, it would give you a wider sweep of poets to choose from, although perhaps a bit trickier to hunt down contacts for people. If you do go down this route the haiku registry could prove to be useful to you.

Good thought! The sheer size of the registry here should yield at least a few positive results.

Quote from: Lorin on May 11, 2011, 12:05:48 PMA friend and excellent haiku poet from Canada, Laryalee Fraser, put together a very good haiku anthology a few years ago which she very generously made printable and free of charge: 'a procession of ripples' . You can find it here:

Thank you for the kind words and for sharing this link. I have enjoyed reading a few of her selections and look forward to reading the rest!

Emails have been sent asking for permission to use the work of the poets you mentioned. Here's hoping they are agreeable!

Can anyone recommend any other poets/blog for inclusion in this project?
Yes, it's Steve.

True, the format that I'm most interested in is easily usable in any e-book reader for those who don't want to produce a hard copy.

I like your idea to convert blogs into an e-book ready format that could be uploaded to any number of sites. I have actually already done this with Tom Clausen's blog (and forwarded him the two PDF files of his collected works).

I look forward to delving into the blogs you mentioned to see what I can find. I have been honing my skills for quite a while on anthology style sites. It's too bad that permissions for such varied compilations would be a logistical headache (unless a site retains rights to compile and make available work contained on their site).

I'm excited about the possibilities of bringing such works into a more easily ported format. Online blogs of reputable poets is about the best place to start looking. Thanks for the suggestion!

Thank you for posting these links, very fun to read.

For more haiku (without the other genres), I would also suggest Denis Garrison's two books:

I was also pleased to see the Ambrosia Journals available:

I was hoping to get more books that are shorter and can be printed and read offline, though theses are a very worthwhile read in any format. Maybe others can add some links to shorter format books available?

One note about Scribd, it isn't working currently through Safari, at least it wouldn't load for me, but seems to work fine in Firefox.
Hi and thanks for your replies. Yes, the digital library here is phenomenal. Endgrain is one of the best books in my collection, and easily the best chapbook.

I exhausted the library here and also re-read through my own modest collection at home and wanted new haiku and related material to read. Since I'm on a very fixed budget, I started looking online for more sources of haiku. I'm never really satisfied with online journals or blogs. Reading haiku is something that I prefer to do outdoors on a swing or in a chair by an open window--and with no computer in sight! So I began looking for free chapbooks that I could print and take with me wherever I please.

Having found a few (and only a very hard to find few) I wanted to begin a forum for others to add their own experiences and results. I'm not trying to push these particular authors or their work. I only want to begin a discussion in which people can share links to other free printable material. Others may have had more luck finding haiku that satisfies the purist than I did.

Alternatively, I wanted to encourage anyone who has haiku that they would like to make available to others in a chapbook format. I worked for years doing layout for a major legal publisher and have the experience and the tools to help people get their work into a downloadable and printable format. If they're willing to release their work for free, I'm willing to do the work for free. Since most people don't have the skills or facilities to produce anything other than a stapled booklet at home, the chapbook format is the obvious format.

I'm hoping that this could become more of a place to foster the sharing information on what is freely available or to help people make their work available and less of an individual critique of each piece available.
I was pleasantly surprised to find a few good quality chapbooks available electronically for free! With a little know how, it isn't difficult or terribly expensive to make a hard copy for your library.

My hope is that others will know of links to more chapbooks available for free. If you know of any, please add them!

I'll begin with a list of links to the ones I have found:

Haiku Year by Will Hindermarch

One Haiku a Page by Anthony Souls

Thinking in Haiku by Anthony Souls

To print a simple chapbook, open the PDF in Acrobat and print. In the print dialog box, select "Page Scaling: Booklet Printing" and then print back sides only and reverse order. Then print Front sides onto the backs, make sure to deselect "Reverse Order" so the pages print in the correct order. Then print the first page onto card stock, staple in the middle, fold and trim for an effective saddle stitched book.

On a side note, if anyone has haiku that they would like to release as a free chapbook and don't know how to get them into a printable format, please contact me. I can help you lay them out and make a PDF that can be uploaded and shared. If you offer your books for free, then (time permitting) my work will also be free.
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