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Event Calendars–With Thanks for Help

The event calendars (see Features) have been updated with many thanks to everyone who takes the time to let me know when a particular bit of information in the calendars needs to be added, removed, or updated.  

I express special deep gratitude to Bill Seltzer who checked almost every link for accuracy and sent me detailed information about what needed to be done.  I’m also ever grateful to Sasa Vazic who faithfully sends contest news whenever she receives it. 

Keeping the calendars current is more work than I anticipated when we started, but it is participation like this that makes it all worthwhile.  I hope the calendars continue to be a solid tool in your haiku life.  You can contact me directly at akwilsons [at] gci [dot] net if you have additional corrections or new information.  Thanks, folks!

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  1. Hi Billie, Thank you, Bill Seltzer, Sasa Vazic, and everyone.

    Every so often I go through my blogs and delete and update. Takes a lot of time, as you say. But I find a few old posts that seem worthy of sharing again. Newer readers appreciate this, as there is so much material on so many good sites.

    I can appreciate the many hours behind the scenes for an excellent site like The Haiku Foundation, which is also a library and haiku archive.

    Always a work-in-progress . . .

    Thanks again, Ellen

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