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Earthrise Rolling Haiku Collaboration 2024

Welcome to the world’s largest annual collaborative poem.

We usually take our cue from The United Nations Year Designation, but their theme for 2024 is Camelids, and we doubted we would find a sufficiently inspiring seed poem. We have chosen instead to respond to the latest extravaganza from the heavens, and to note that people have been doing this forever. Please add your poem(s) in the Reply Box below, ideally at dawn at your location, but any time that you are able. The timeline for this begins at 12:01 A.M. on April 17 at the International Date Line (which is why it seems to have started the day before, for many of us). Your poem(s) may respond to the “seed” poem:

senjô ni tsuki no kakeru wo mekiki kana
he critiques
the eclipse

— Kobayashi Issa, tr. David G. Lanoue

or to any of the posted poems, and you can even start a new thread. You may participate as often as you like. All we ask is that you respond to the theme at hand.


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  1. Hi Wendy,

    I’ll join the Sunday brunch with –

    with blackstrap molasses –
    a stack of golden pancakes

    a post-IHPD celebration at IHOP

    Bon Appetit 🥞 🌝


    1. hi michael,
      sounds great!
      you’re very fortunate to have an ihop that offers real blackstrap molasses in AL!

      total eclipse breakfast
      banana pancakes
      with mole sauce


  2. a sliver of light
    the kettle lifted
    from its ring

    Alan Summers

    Sulaimani Chai
    a night beverage
    for the morning

    Alan Summers
    Why is it called Sulaimani Tea? In Arabic, the name Sulaiman translates to ‘Man of peace’.

    1. Hi Alan,

      For this reader-writer this image

      “the kettle lifted
      from its ring”

      appealed to me as a domestic reflection of post-eclipse

      Thanks for sharing it,


  3. she wears solar glasses
    for a brief moment

    up in the sky
    sound of
    love making

    a brief distraction
    from looming war
    their love making

  4. he said that
    they said drones
    blue moon

    Alan Summers

    she said this
    they said safe passage
    Neptune’s Nereid

    Alan Summers
    NOTE: Neptune’s Nereid has a strange orbit that lead astronomers to believe that the moon is a captured object from the Kuiper Belt, a region of icy bodies beyond Neptune, ranging from a trillion comet sized objects to those larger than 100 km in diameter–BBC Science Focus magazine.

    1. Alan, I experience a celestial sensorium in the digital microcosm:


      This is what attracted the American Imagists to the haiku; then later the Beats, namely Kerouac –


    1. Alan,

      I really liked that “moon shy,”
      giving me cause to hear

      🌚 moon shy on sunshine 🌞


    1. Hi Nalini,

      I like the brevity – one breath – and the rhythm & rhythm.

      Even briefer without the unneeded article “a.”


  5. a partial eclipse
    caught in the palm of my hand
    for once then something

    with a bow to Robert Frost

  6. (after Alan Summers)

    both sides right
    both sides wrong:
    each eclipsing the other

    1. Melissa, Happy AM-after IHPD 2024

      Yes, like the “2 ships in the night” passing in mid-day

      Enjoyed your other kus, too 😊


    1. Robert, Happy IHPD 2024

      Thanks for finding & sharing “cursor moon” – brings hi-tech to haiku 😎


    1. Vishal, Happy AM-after 2024,

      Sharing a variation of yours

      A diamond ring
      around the sun & moon
      engaged in a kiss

      “Lovers forever / face to face” – Stevie Nicks, lyric from “Leather and Lace


  7. the shrike under a lowering moon lines up

    Alan Summers
    monostich version of the haiku that appears in “The Nine Assassins”
    Contemporary Haibun Online 20.1 (April 2024 issue) haibun editor: Rich Youmans

    1. Mr. Summers, Happy IHPD 2024

      Yes, yours is in best form as a one-liner.

      When I searched “shrike,” I heard a rhyme, and found:

      the brutal strike
      from the impaler shrike –
      a total eclipse

      Thank you, Alan, for the prompt,


  8. toiling through
    the dictionary
    waning moon…

    — Kobayashi Issa
    僭上 audacity; forwardness; effrontery; impertinence ​
    に particle at (place, time); during​
    月 moon
    の possessive
    欠る (欠ける) to wane (of the moon); to go into eclipse​
    を (wo) particle to
    目利 judgement, assessing
    哉 kana how! what! exclamation mark (cutting word)


    what effrontery at the moon’s eclipse to judge it!

    how dare one judge the waning moon!

    Would ELH editors accept the verse today? I wonder….

    1. Keith, Happy AM-after IHPD 2024

      Why not the less wordy, and with this syntax:

      what effrontery –
      judging the moon’s eclipse!

      my varying:

      such effrontery –
      questioning the moon eclipsing!

      questioning the moon’s lunacy
      when there is always method in the madness
      never a mystery to me – Michael 😎

    1. Marion, Happy AM-after IHPD 2024

      Yes, the global unison resonates even after the stellar event

      In UniSon under the same sun


  9. finding ways
    to hide my flaws
    total eclipse

    – Billy Antonio
    Laoac, Philippines

    1. total eclipse –
      still groping in the dark
      my alter ego

      you and I
      no longer we –

      Natalia Kuznetsova

  10. solar eclipse my trips around the sun limited

    only through the eyes
    of my grandkids . . .
    the next solar eclipse

  11. solar eclipse. . .
    the cat continues
    to groom

    missed my chance
    at eighty
    eclipsed by time

  12. Dear Mr. Kacian and The Haiku Foundation team,

    Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the Earthrise Rolling Haiku Collaboration 2024.

    Happy International Haiku Poetry Day (IHPD) to you and all poets! Best wishes.


    total tongue twister
    twinning in tranquility—
    totality tees

    All Spring Kigo: tranquility, nodokasa 長閑さ
    [Kigo from World Kigo Database]



    Monica Kakkar (she/her/hers)

    1. Dear Mr. Kacian and The Haiku Foundation team,

      Thank you for the opportunity to submit a published haiku with first publication credit, at the culmination of the Earthrise Rolling Haiku Collaboration 2024.

      Happy International Haiku Poetry Day (IHPD) to you and all poets! Best wishes.


      midsummer bull’s eye
      afloat in reflection pool—
      a ring of fire

      Mid-Summer Kigo: midsummer, seika 盛夏 (せいか)

      [Kigo from World Kigo Database]

      Prompt: Mr. Kobayashi Issa’s hokku: tooyama ga medama ni utsuru tombo kana

      the distant mountains–
      reflected in the eyes
      of a dragonfly

      Asahi Shimbun’s Asahi Haikuist Network, October 06, 2023



      Monica Kakkar (she/her/hers)

  13. solar eclipse –
    noise of the waves
    less loud

    partial eclipse –
    can I somehow settle
    with myself

  14. . . . nothing I can say
    a total eclipse of the heart

    ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’, writer: Jim Steinman, singer Bonnie Tyler, time – early ’80s

  15. total eclipse –
    cicadas in the bay suddenly
    fell silent

    total eclipse –
    cellphone flashlights walk
    down the street

    1. Nice response Stephen! Can’t resist my own to yours….

      war even in darkness solar flares

  16. moonless night
    a cat’s shadow
    lost in fog

    brass bell: a haiku journal, December 2021

    a black cat
    shapes the night

    Rip-Roaring haiku Edited by Corine Timmer bicadeideias publishing 2022

    total eclipse –
    suddenly my doubts

    Daniela Misso

    Happy IHPD!

  17. this meeting
    eclipsing his boss
    office politics

    under the pine
    a Buddha covered in snow
    weather turns

  18. keeping the view with vetted solar filters




                        achieving aesthetic distance light-years away



  19. ( I hear John Keats:
    my brother’s voice
    freed from the urn )

    totally eclipsed –
    the sun is experiencing
    “negative capability”

  20. heat
    on the old man’s lap
    camel wool blanket
    solar eclipse
    the dragon devours the sun
    in grandpa’s story
    once upon a time
    when darkness veiled the Earth…
    the broken battle
    darkness here
    the other side of the moon
    has a bright face
    total eclipse
    flowers in the garden
    go to bed

    1. Thanks, Branwen, for the reminder here in this global community on IHPD

      According to the Our Father
      All Life Matters


    1. Happy IHPD, kjmunro,

      Am I hearing some Carly Simon here

      “you probably think this song {eclipse} is about you”

      with a haiku-hug,


  21. I share these gothic lyrics by Stevie Nicks for the FM song “Sister of the Moon,” because I have observed the cadence of the personification soundtracks the Moon’s eclipsing of the Daystar, precisely:

    ” Intense silence
    as she walked in the room.
    Her black robes trailing,
    Sister of the Moon. ”

    My varying-

    a quiet intensity gathering,
    as her foot softly stepped into the room –
    (does anyone know her name?)
    Sister of the Moon!


    1. Yes, Marjolein,

      You have indeed aptly captured an image of
      “biting the hand that feeds.”

      Happy IHPD,


    1. Jean,

      Thanks for bringing
      “umbraphiles’ in
      out of the darkness

      Happy IHPD,


    1. Hi Terri French,

      I like your haiku here, especially the
      “over-shadowed” (over whelming)

      Happy IHPD 2024,

      Michael in Birmingham, AL USA

  22. eclipse an otter dives through a ring of fire

    Presence, Number 46, October 2016


    Haiku Canada Review, Volume 11, Number 2, October 2017

    Happy IHPD to all!

    1. Valentina,

      a varying following your to lead –

      the stars twinkle
      in attendance
      at totality

      Happy IHPD,


    1. Julie,

      Following your lead –

      finding the eclipse
      in a box
      of Cracker Jacks

      Happy IHPD


    2. Haha great minds, Julie. I wrote one just like this! (Not for this though. It hasn’t-and won’t-be published).

    1. Hi Sari,

      a varying following your lead –

      the path of totality leading to a new vision

      Happy IHPD,


  23. senjô ni tsuki no kakeru wo mekiki kana
    he critiques
    the eclipse

    — Kobayashi Issa, tr. David G. Lanoue


    lost for words
    at the eclipse
    I light a butter lamp

    1. Lea, varying after yours –

      viewing the eclipse
      second hand
      on my iPhone

      Happy IHPD


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