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Earthrise Rolling Haiku Collaboration 2023

Welcome to the world’s largest annual collaborative poem.

We usually take our cue from The United Nations Year Designation, but the choice of Millets for 2023 didn’t strike us as terribly inspiring, important though it may be. We have chosen instead to notice the overlap and interaction of commercial and natural worlds, which most of us encounter on a daily basis. Please add your poem(s) in the Reply Box below, ideally at dawn at your location, but any time that you are able. The timeline for this begins at 12:01 A.M. on April 17 at the International Date Line (which is why it seems to have started the day before, for many of us). Your poem(s) may respond to the “seed” poem:

Over the machinery
the moon shines bright —
not a soul about
          — Genjūrō

or to any of the posted poems, and you can even start a new thread. You may participate as often as you like. All we ask is that you respond to the theme at hand.


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  1. forgiveness the part where i mumble
    Cassia Fistula a sudden splash of golden sunrise
    dementia mother’s favourite excuse each day
    first banana plantain the folds i resist to open

      1. Spring yellow reigns



        Green is a primary color on the wheel



        Michael (MV)

    1. après vous, Natalia –

      planting 💣 💣 💣 in 🌻fields;
      reaping what is sown


      Michael (MV)

  2. monsoon rain
    tv news flash
    flooding everywhere

    Lorelyn De la Cruz Arevalo
    Bombon, Philippines

  3. on the border
    between night and day…
    by plane

    Daniela Misso
    The Haiku Foundation Haiku Dialogue, September 2, 2020

    1. better:

      a colonial child huddles
      where two busy highways meet
      split rock

      (google anne hutchinson)

  4. moon rising over the oil rig all the birds in black

    Nick Virgilio Haiku in Action October 2022

  5. thick fog
    the blossoming
    of a neon sign

    Theresa A. Cancro
    “Poetry from the Edge,” Haiku Down Under Anthology 2022

  6. thick fog
    the blossoming
    of a neon sign

    Theresa A. Cancro
    “Poetry from the Edge”
    Haiku Down Under Anthology 2022

    1. Sorry, I posted this twice by mistake. I couldn’t find the first one — not sure how they are being sorted.

  7. full moon
    she makes her butterpat
    a perfect circle

    — Commended, Martin Lucas Haiku Award, 2015

    1. Happy IHPD, Marie Shimane,

      Llked, and sharing this cover of your haiku:

      paddies flooded
      ducks and egrets
      return to the norm


      Michael (MV)

  8. new kite . . .
    watching an Internet

    Valentina Ranaldi-Adams – USA

  9. aberrations of rain
    a toy I made as a child
    goes to war

    Alan Summers
    Publication credit: Kingfisher #6 (Autumn 2022) ed. Tanya McDonald

    PAID Reading / Performance:
    International Page and Stage, Northern Ireland,
    in association with the New Zealand Poetry Society
    November 2022

    1. Your poem was the most striking I read because I can’t get this image out of my head.

  10. autumn equinox
    the truck driver clicks his tongue
    at a passing dray
    (1st Place, Martin Lucas Haiku Award, 2016)

  11. wisteria drapes
    the pergola next door
    stereo blasting

    thank you, Jim!

    Claire Vogel Camargo, USA

    1. Alan Summers, HIPD!

      Your haiku is sophisticated & cool, like Poirot 😎


      Michael (MV)

  12. sunlit pebbles
    glisten on a river bed
    these untold stories
    between narrow bands of moonlight
    swaying black pines
    a disheveled widow
    stands over the lake
    falling snow
    the glimmering wings
    of a snow owl
    on the shrunken stream
    trout glide through gold

    1. Happy IHPD, Terri, from Michael in Birmingham 🇺🇸

      I enjoyed your sonic haiku

      🎵 🪶 🎶 🪶

  13. w drodze do portu
    wcześniej ode mnie
    piórko ptaka

    transl. Noelia Sibiga
    on a way to the port
    before me
    a bird’s feather

    1. Happy IHPD, Maureen Sexton!

      Your S of L haiku prompted me to –

      Big Apple blackout –
      moving by starlight



      Thank you,

      Michael (MV)

    1. Happy IHPD, Lorelyn De la Cruz Arevalo –

      With your joyful haiku, I heard a James Taylor lyric

      Baby in a stroller
      smiles, and I see sunny days that will never end

      🌞 🚼 🌄

      Thank you, Lorelyn, for sharing this encouraging Vision — Michael (MV)

      1. Happy IHPD, Laurie,

        Surely somewhere
        there is a DJ
        Major Tom, spinning

        🌎 🎶 🌐

    1. Thanks, Maureen,

      your haiku lets me observe that pollution is not just an earth issue – Michael (MV)

  14. creeping
    a forest
    reclaims itself slowly
    growing around and through
    man made structures
    breaking them

    1. Happy IHPD, Linda!

      the forest reclaiming itself really resonated with this reader-writer – prompting me to share these 2 leaner incarnations:

      forest roots
      reclaiming home
      in skyscraper foundations


      going green
      from the foundation, up

  15. house demolition
    the pups litter
    homeless again


    I follow the drill
    of a woodpecker


    shadow of war
    a starling whistles
    to the darkness


    1. Happy IHPD, Ashoka,

      Enjoyed engaging as a reader & writer with your haiku – Michael (MV)

      The jumbo jet
      slowly soars, until
      swallowed by the sky

      1. A pleasure Michael, that you gained such higher altitude over my jumbo jet, on this IHPD.
        – Ashoka

        sky’s the limit
        for machine, not man

      1. Thanks Maureen, for your sincere words…and specially on this IHPD it’s worth ever so much!

  16. shifting shadows
    the ants change
    their course of action

    a brunch break
    the hanging mangoes
    just a jump away

  17. Sibling’s Day
    we still fight
    for the gibbous share

    Poetry Day
    the library flooded
    with hi-fi words

    mandala art
    the spider spins
    a perfect hexagon

    spring cleaning
    i come across father’s diary
    of introspects

  18. the fruit of a grass
    harvested by men with hoes
    full container ships

    when finger millet
    sports its dreadlocks long
    the new thresher looms

    plain millet porridge
    licked from mama’s fingers
    late summer standby

    we pestle
    our daily flatbread
    war planes overhead

    1. I really liked this Marta. It inspired me to write a haiku that’s further down the page and here:
      children watch
      a skylark fly straight up
      the missile lands

  19. mine detector
    the sowing machines
    form a line

    missile attack
    the millet panicles
    lay down flat

    thanksgiving mass
    the gilded sheaves
    in a deep bow

    night plowing
    flares of explosions
    far ahead

    the blue soldier crab emerges
    from moonlit sand

    a quiet sea
    the paraglider floats down
    on the golden slide

    soldier’s mail
    she scrapes a clump of dirt
    from a photo

    1. return from the sea—
      a bird with a broken wing
      in the fishing net
      Cattails, April 2017

    1. silent riot in the April garden

      pastels aren’t mute colors

      Green is a primary color on the wheel

      ☀️ 🌼


      Michael (MV)

    1. Hi Deborah,

      recoloring & sizing 😎

      at the red light
      one last look
      at the blue supermoon


      Michael (MV)

    1. Reincarnation one of my own here:

      I pull over
      and give a lift & carry
      across to a 🐢

  20. “The world is too much with us” – William Wordsworth

    My heart still jump-starts:
    I follow the rainbow
    over the cityscape

    a rainbow
    over a cityscape
    still jump-starts my HeArt

    a rainbow
    above a cityscape
    still revives by boyhood heart


      1. a bee drilling
        its stinger
        in the dentist’s arm

        Robert, I couldn’t resist.

        I have spent much time in the dentist chair so far this year – at last, catching up on my dental care –

        but my dental kindly keeps me comfortably numb during the procedures.


        Michael (MV)

      1. after yours, Robert –

        make smart bodies


        make bodies
        sound & smart


        — Michael (MV) enjoying

        IHPD is playday
        creative & sound

        1. a riot
          of protesting


          a global uprising
          Planet of the Robots

          Michael (MV)

        1. Hi Micheal,
          Nice to see you!
          I too love Wordsworth! Thank you for the link.

          those daffodils
          speaking louder than ever
          this year

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