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Earthrise Rolling Haiku Collaboration 2022

Welcome to the world’s largest annual collaborative poem. This year our seed poem takes up the theme of rebirth, as International Haiku Poetry Day this year takes place on the day of the  celebration of Easter. Please add your poem(s) in the Reply Box below, ideally at dawn at your location, but any time that you are able. The timeline for this begins at 12:01 A.M. on April 17 at the International Date Line (which is why it seems to have started the day before, for many of us). Your poem(s) may respond to the “seed” poem:

the cracked shell
of a robin’s egg
Easter Sunday
          — Carlos Colón (The Heron’s Nest 14.3)

or to any of the posted poems, and you can even start a new thread. You may participate as often as you like. All we ask is that you respond to the theme at hand.


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  1. white blossoms cover
    the life growing inside her
    borrowed wedding dress

    wet saturday
    watching poirot

    he looks in
    at me looking out
    stray cat

  2. the candles climbing
    towards the top of Golgotha—
    prayers in the moonlight

    shadows in the moonlight
    bringing candlelight

    Golgotha station—
    megaphone voice echoes
    from the hills

  3. borrowed nails
    not prayers from the vatican
    help rebuild ukraine

    wendy © bialek

  4. Easter rainbow
    the morning basket
    full of donations

    an empty basket…
    grandma hides the eggs
    from herself

        1. pond basin
          scrubbing rubber sheets
          the smell of rubber

          ~ Christina Chin

          *a kind of outdoor factory job where women whiten smoked sheets for higher market value.

    1. “The Lord’s kingdom is not of this world.”

      Easter Wednesday:
      war & peace
      still at odds

    1. bare trees
      waiting for the miracle –
      early spring

      ( The 72nd Basho Haiku Contest, 2018)

      1. brings to memory Sister Helen,

        Helen Keller

        Although I believe her first word was w a t e r

        Walking on water
        Walking on air

        Michael ✍

  5. how dye bleeds
    on child’s tinted eggs…
    the multi-strains of covid

    wendy © bialek

  6. the egg moon …
    our wishes break open
    to a new dawn
    pink moon
    she is
    the same
    Covid spring
    a new

    1. funny bunny

      by Easter Saturday
      earth over-populated
      with bunnies

      ? ?

      The rabbit
      far from endangered species

      Michael (MV)

    1. Peggy,

      A very cool re-imaging of the approaching solstice – Brava

      ? Michael (MV)

    1. Hi Terri,

      Wonderful to find your presence & hear your haiku voice here this season.

      Admiral, distinctive haiku you have shared – Thanks, Terri

      Would those be sunflower seeds?

      ? ? Michael in Birmingham, AL


    1. Helen, celebrating the quails ? with you – Cheers – Michael (MV)

      quail’s egg –
      yet tremendous

      1. My Easter Tuesday revision of my yesterday’s

        quail’s egg –
        yet tremendous


        quail’s egg –
        tiny yet tremendous
        — dynamite

        And, too:

        quail’s egg –
        tiny yet tremendous
        — haiku-like

        quail-ku ? Michael

  7. .

    野生森 駒鳥は試す 彼らの歌を

    translation by Hasegawa Kai


    wild wood
    the robins testing
    their song

    Alan Summers
    Honourable Mention
    The 2nd Oku-no-hosomichi Soka Matsubara International Haiku Competition (2022)

  8. Ēosturmōnaþ
    The Venerable Bede invents
    more de Pfeffel

    Alan Summers
    Ēosturmōnaþ is the month of April
    Piffle becomes a middle name

      1. Peggy,

        A very cool re-imaging of the approaching solstice – Brava

        ? Michael (MV)

      1. Hi Stefanie,

        Sharing Easter Tuesday variations –

        Reunion –
        with gusto we share
        our bread with ghost

        Reunion –
        with gusto we break
        bread with ghost

        ? ? Cheers

        Michael ? ✍

  9. Easter showers
    tulips slash
    through leaf mold

    squirrels dig for lost acorn : : egg hunt

    Happy Easter, all!

  10. giallo this restricted area my birthplace

    Alan Summers
    Feature: Mixed Tapes Neutral Spaces

    end of matins
    I decode into genomes
    into petals

    Alan Summers
    Does Fish-God Know (Yet To Be Named Free Press 2012)

    h=k=l=0 each love number sleeps

    Alan Summers
    Does Fish-God Know (Yet To Be Named Free Press 2012)

    regenesis the child from without primeval soup

    Alan Summers
    Bones 2

    1. “regenesis” – never saw/ read that prefix before now – appealing to my poetic sensibilities –

      Thanks, Alan,


    1. finding
      a new ku
      in the draft

      a new ku
      borne out
      of the draft

      Don’t throw
      the ku out
      with the draft

      1. Marion Clarke
        April 17, 2022 at 5:54 pm
        empty nest filled with chocolate Easter Sunday

        love it!

  11. wire fence –
    i follow the movement
    of a butterfly

    leaving away …
    the path turns into

    1. Hi Stefanie,

      Sharing Easter Tuesday variations –

      Reunion –
      with gusto we share
      our bread with ghosts

      Reunion –
      with gusto we break
      bread with ghosts

      ? ? Cheers

      Michael ? ✍

      1. nancie,

        I appreciate the Universality of your contribution to this year’s global renga.

        Michael (MV), sharing this Easter Tuesday variation:

        Easter & Passover,
        war & peace,
        the same red sun & pink moon

  12. train from Kiev …
    in the old coat
    sunflower seeds

    FIRST PLACE Carribean Kigo Kukai 148 April 2022

    1. Congrats, Lucia, on composing the 1st placed haiku-pom

      Well-deserved – Cheers ?

      and Thanks, too, Lucia, for your award-winning haiku Prompting me to this haiku –

      Sunflowers seeds
      from Kiev
      with love


      1. bad dream
        a strange name
        on his lips
        — Marion Clarke

        her number
        forgotten with the dawn

  13. Easter rising
    the young gymnast holds up
    his iron cross

    ……. …p………
    gym rings
    ………. e………..

    1. Robert, I have enjoyed/appreciated this & your other contributions to this year’s global renga.

      Thanks for the demonstration in visual formatting.

      Michael (MV), sharing on this Easter Tuesday, variations prompted, Robert, by yours here:

      The young athlete
      forms a cross with gym rings =
      The Victory Christ won

      The young athlete
      with gym rings raised in a V =
      The Victory Christ won

  14. rosy dawn
    our paddles stippled
    with petals

    Highly Commended
    2019 New Zealand Poetry Society Int’l Competition

    Debbie Strange (Canada)

    Happy IHPD everyone!

    1. Yes, Debbie(not a stranger to me in Canada ? – A Joyous IHPD 2022, & Easter Week to us All every One

      Congrats on your recognition of “Highly Commended,” which I understand is synonymous with Honorable Mention.

      Gerard Manley Hopkins would admire the language & image of your haiku.

      Michael (MV) ?

    1. Hi Barbara,

      I’ll share this variation ‘

      full moon of March
      worming its way
      above the warming earth

  15. first light
    the calico’s pawprints
    between grey skies

    Easter sun
    a prayer for the peace lilies
    to bloom

    1. daffodils basking
      in snowflakes and sunshine –
      the baby’s mismatched socks

  16. sea fog rolls in
    I can’t see — but hear
    a mourning dove

    the stone rolled
    a new dawn breaks
    light overcomes the dark

      1. Yes, Rebecca, Alleluia

        “The Child is Father to the Man” — William Wordsworth

        Vive L’enfance

    1. Easter sunrise
      a flurry of
      dogwood blossoms

      *the dogwood rose is a symbol of Christianity and rebirth. There are four petals, and each one has a pink marking at the tip which resembles Christ’ hands, feet and head on the cross.

  17. .

    Lenten Rose thorns the fairytales under siege

    Alan Summers

    It gets this name from the fact the flowers somewhat resemble a small single rose, and it blooms in the north in early spring—the Lent religious season.

    1. the cheat days of Lent
      songs of robins manifest
      into blackthorn trees

      Alan Summers
      Rachna Singh in conversation with Alan Summers
      (April 2022)

      Seasonal (kigo) reference: Lent (Christian festival, Spring: March/April)
      Lent 2022 began on Wednesday, 2nd March and ended on Thursday, 14th April.
      There are 40 days of Lent.
      While Lent Sundays are part of the Time of Lent, they are not necessarily days of fast and abstinence.
      The composition date of this haiku was Sunday 13th March.

  18. the cracked shell
    of a robin’s egg
    Easter Sunday
    — Carlos Colón (The Heron’s Nest 14.3)

    мама finds
    no body in the cellar

    1. cops escort a vagrant
      from the church garden
      Maundy Thursday

      from the church garden
      cops escort a vagrant
      Maundy Thursday

    1. kitchen island
      having breakfast for dinner
      the pink moon beckons
      — Sari Grandstaff

      longing for a spoonful
      of forbidden fruit

  19. pink moon
    maybe two lines
    this time
    the crow’s croak
    turns pink
    a fly leaves
    the insectarium
    the wind fitting together
    blue egg shells
    Easter Sunday
    kids talking about God
    in a bunker
    the tranquility
    of a weeping willow…
    Easter vigil
    Easter hunt
    the moonbeams enter
    a rabbit hole
    rice dyed eggs
    the sweetness
    of your freckles

    1. Sari, this image is so touching and beautifully rendered, just wanted to let you know . . . .

    2. Please, Sari, have a seat in the rocker:

      spring sunrise
      cradling a cup of tea
      in the nursery rocker

  20. 1/2 bloomed wisteria
    withered in 1 cold night
    my reason 2 live

    wendy © bialek

    1. edit:

      1/2 bloomed wisteria
      withered in 1 cold night-
      my reason 2 live

      wendy © bialek

  21. red potter wasp…
    in the mud nest
    a green caterpillar
    ~ Christina Chin

    tillandsia against
    the white window frame
    scarlet florets
    ~ Christina Chin

    jasmine blossoms
    my neighbours propagate
    the scent
    ~ Christina Chin

    1. the kraa
      of a murder of crows
      expecting breakfast
      ~ Christina Chin

      morning twilight
      the endless koo-el
      of a cock koel
      ~ Christina Chin

      a battalion
      camouflaged in green
      cutter ants
      ~ Christina Chin

  22. Easter haiku:

    passing cars
    the gleam off bare wood
    on Good Friday

    The Beat Is Back haibun (prose and haiku) inspired by Jack Kerouac

    Easter Wedding
    the chauffeur in a tangle
    with the umbrella

    “The Unseen Go-Between in Haiku” by Alan Summers
    Haiku Society of America newsletter, Haiku Spotlight (January 2022)

    Easter Sunday
    my free range eggs
    a shade bluer

    The Golden Mannequin Shop, Haibun Journal (April 2019)

    Easter Sunday
    a For Sale sign leans
    into birdsong

    tinywords 16.1 (March 2016)

    Easter Monday

    a couple try to jump

    the ticket barrier

    Alan Summers

    Uskršnji ponedjeljak

    jedan par pokušava preskočiti

    prolaz za karte

    Croatian version by Tomislav Maretić

    1. I particularly enjoyed this one:

      Easter Sunday
      a For Sale sign leans
      into birdsong

      tinywords 16.1 (March 2016)

      Happy Easter and Happy International Haiku Poetry Day!

      1. Cheers Corine! :-)

        All of the direct experience, but that one is both literal and of course has subtext too! :-)

        Easter Sunday
        a For Sale sign leans
        into birdsong

        Alan Summers
        tinywords 16.1 (March 2016)

  23. sleepless
    another endless day

    Easter Sunday
    only 252 shopping days
    till Christmas

    Resurrection Day
    in the strictest sense of the word

    Sunrise service
    a vendor offers
    three- d- glasses

    stations of the cross
    the plaza filled with
    cheap sunglasses

    as i am
    sunrise service

    1. “The Russian people will always be able to distinguish true patriots from scum and traitors and simply spit them out like a fly that accidentally flew into their mouths,” Mr. Putin said. “I am convinced that such a natural and necessary self-purification of society will only strengthen our country…” V. Putin 2022/3/15

  24. Easter morning
    fox cubs scuffle
    over a thrush egg

    (The Mainichi, April 11, 2020)

    1. egg laying
      the oriole inspects
      another’s nest
      ~ Christina Chin

      the koel evicts
      a nest predator
      ~ Christina Chin

      Easter loons
      yodelling lovesick
      ~ Christina Chin

  25. wildflowers
    on a half burnt trunk
    spring returns

    war ravages
    the pink of a lily
    from the debris

    rustling leaves
    why autumn doesn’t mourn
    the songs of spring

    first light
    a mynah brings in dew
    with the footprints

    park bench
    my grandson wonders
    why fireflies look alike

    lilacs bloom
    under the eaves
    icicles melt

    tree hollow
    parakeets play
    hide and seek

    empty nest
    a robin sings
    to falling leaves

      1. you are very welcome, corine….i am enjoying and inspired by your postings….too!
        the basket one, the egg moon, etc.

    1. ……. h o r i z o n……
      ………..the egg……….

  26. Sunday Easter
    church bells
    melodious sound

    Easter Sunday
    the bomb is still exploding
    refugees hugging

    Easter Sunday
    talk about peace
    a big question…

    Easter Sunday
    pilgrimage to the holy tomb
    clear as water

  27. Eleven is an Even Number: Covid Chronicles

    different windows
    the movement of the sun
    around confinement

    house arrest
    the plague runner
    enters our breath

    friendly cat
    its owners become
    the front line

    street applause
    we recognise our heroes
    are nurses under fire

    birthday cards
    in their protective casing
    the evening shudders

    blinkered sun
    two metres translated
    in wrong numbers

    streetlights pick out
    the sputum

    Easter Quarantine
    the daylight sparkles across
    yet another nail

    Easter Sunday
    I fill another hollow
    with antiseptic

    Easter Internment
    moonlight carries a warning
    across my backyard

    new day rising—
    I spread the butter
    and talk to my egg

    Alan Summers
    First publication credit:
    Eleven is an Even Number: Covid Chronicles
    weird laburnum ed. Michael O’Brien (Easter Monday 13th April 2020)

    Anthology credits:
    Corona Social Distancing: Poets for Humanity
    ed. hülya n. yılmaz
    inner child press international (1st Edition, May 2020)

    Poetry in the Plague Year:
    Poems written during the Coronavirus Outbreak
    (Poetry Kit publishing 2020)

  28. twin cherry
    trees and moonlight
    embrace the spire

    the way
    the sunlight
    moves a stone

    a kingfisher
    rises from the
    deep blue

  29. springtime –
    in each flowering bud
    a phoenix is reborn
    Valentina Ranaldi-Adams

    1. altar feet
      bathed in full moon light:.
      Maundy Thursday

      from naked altar
      to tomb, vacated

    1. altar feet
      bathed in full moon light:.
      Maundy Thursday

      from naked altar
      to tomb, vacated

    1. the moon
      still pink & full
      despite the deposition

      a cross –
      a crucifix
      without a corpse

      pink moon
      keeping vigil
      over a black & blue cross

    1. the received
      recycled plastic egg
      filled with Easter Joy again

      the plastic egg
      in the high-heated cline
      – soft-boiled

        1. After Alan Summers

          “Easter Wedding
          the chauffeur in a tangle
          with the umbrella”

          and, too, hearing Billy Idol –

          Easter Sunday –
          a nice day
          for a white wedding

        2. Easter Monday finds me sharing this Easter Monday inspirational, with thanks to Joshua Eric William’s
          4/16/22 8:14pm post:

          “the sun
          crucified in
          my window”

          A TGIGF reflection:

          day breaks
          glass, and the morn swelling:
          “Crucify him”

          the noon sun
          framed in the crossed
          window panes

          A sudden overcast –
          the skylight eclipsed
          out of the blue

          deposition –
          cross panes left
          a sunset scene of the crime

    1. Whose will be
      the first Joyful noise
      from the womb today

      How can son be ruthless
      Mother was given
      the middle name Ruth

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