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Earthrise Rolling Haiku Collaboration 2020: Year of the Nurse

The Haiku Foundation commemorated the Year of the Nurse in this year’s Earthrise Rolling Haiku Collaboration, part of our annual International Haiku Poetry Day celebrations. Haiku poets from around the globe produced another outstanding showing, contributing to the world’s largest collaborative poem. This year’s theme, in the United Nation’s Year of the Nurse, featured a seed poem by American scholar and poet William J. Higginson. The complete version can be found here. Enjoy, and keep our heroic nurses in your thoughts through the challenging days ahead.

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  1. Thanks, Jim!
    What a great collaborative effort, indeed! It is a moving tribute to all the nurses and health workers risking their lives to make a difference.
    I just want to point out that my last name was mis-spelled on my haiku. Please correct it.
    All the best!

  2. Wow! This was astonishingly fast putting it together! Awesome job! I had thought the seed poem was:

    no visitors today
    I call the nurse again

    You have something else here as the seed poem? Just wasn’t sure? Another successful International Haiku Poetry Day! Still have to watch the films and read all the nurse haiku. Thank you for all of it!

  3. Dear Jim Kacian,

    i also sent a haiku:
    waking up
    after operation
    catching her smile

    but i can’t find it in the collection. Can you, please check it?

    Stay safe!

    Best regards,


  4. Dear Jim Kacian,
    Greetings. Going through the seed poem by American scholar and poet William J. Higginson and the complete version, a feast to our minds, thought process and creative aura.
    Reading one by one, enjoying all, a privilege, thanks for this.

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