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EarthRise Rolling Haiku Collaboration 2015



Welcome to the largest collaborative poem on the internet. This year’s theme is the Year of Light, as designated by decree of the United Nations. Please add your poem(s) in the Comment box below, ideally at dawn at your location, but any time that you are able. The timeline for this begins at 12:01 A.M. on April 17 on the International Date Line (which is why it seems to have started the day before, for many of us). Your poem(s) can respond to the “seed” poem:

will anyone
not be taking up his pen?
tonight’s moon

     — Onitsura (1660 – 1738)

or to any of the poems posted in the Comment box, or you can even start a new thread. All we ask is that you respond to the theme of Light.


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  1. the sun
    exhuming a dead planet
    above the flat-line


    Michael Virga, son of Virginia Ruth

    1. fading light
      a rainy spell takes
      quince petals

      spring light
      swallows are back today
      racing by my window giselle maya – just now got this

      1. i just now received the news of this great project — enclosed are 2 of my haiku, they got printed linked together — i left a space
        between them


  2. So ends the EarthRise Rolling Haiku Collaboration 2015.
    uniting us
    around our vast planet
    a thousand fires
    Thanks for participating!

  3. moonlight –
    the cat steps out
    – dedicated to the late John E. Carley, who hated cat poems, but had to admit that Christopher Smart’s ‘My Cat Jeoffry’ was brilliant. 🙂

    1. pipistrelles
      above a stubble field
      the moon’s cheshire grin
      – A Hundred Gourds 3,2 (2014)

  4. rusty sunset the last touch of apprehension
    Ernesto P. Santiago, Philippines

  5. bamboo bloom
    the flute notes floating
    at dawn
    Ernesto P. Santiago, Philippines

  6. let sun of new dawn
    permeate into spirits;
    dark ducks for cover

    Mohan Chutani, India

  7. journey’s end
    out on the night’s edge
    a robin still sings
    Billie Wilson – Juneau, Alaska

  8. escape hatch
    I peer into
    a blank shell

    — Betty Shropshire
    Seminole Canyon S.P, TX

  9. .
    river reflection
    he watches himself
    watch the sunset
    Alan Summers

    Publications credits: paper wasp spring/oct (3:4) 1997; Haiku Enlightenment, Gabriel Rosenstock Cambridge Scholars Publishing (2009) ISBN (10): 1-4438-0521-1, ISBN (13): 978-1-4438-0521-6; Paper Wasp Vol. 20 no. 1, autumn 2014

    1. bamboo leaves glisten
      a breeze shakes and stirs the dew
      early morning rain

      -Honorable Mention, 13th Mainichi Haiku Contest

  10. full moon
    flickering in the ocean
    a ball of sardines
    — collaboration Margaret Rutley and Sidney Bending
    — Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

    1. I love the music to this haiku and how the middle line goes with the top or bottom line. It pulls me under the water to see the flash of the fish.

  11. the ligt of the lamp-
    the shadow of a butterfly
    running on the walls

    under the blessed icon
    just near the candle
    a moth resting

    between the moon
    and the light of candle
    a red geranium

    in no time
    her face is lighting=
    poetry colour

    inner light-
    this haiku poetry day
    within our souls

  12. sun strokes the paint peeling away borders

    — Betty Shropshire
    Seminole Canyon S.P, TX

    1. Rooster’ s crest so proud
      but the rising sun’s red light
      is more beautiful

  13. Highway 55 *
    a glimpse of the setting sun
    each hairpin bend

    Highway 55: Darjeeling, India

  14. Highway 55 *
    a glimpse of sun-lit peaks
    each hairpin bend

    Highway 55: Darjeeling, India

  15. riding the sway-backed barn setting sun

    (Frogpond 37:3, Autumn 2014)

    a dragon kite
    carries the sun
    in its mouth

    (Tinywords 15.1, February 2015)

    moonglow . . .
    a thousand jellyfish
    in an ocean of sky

    (cattails, September 2014)

    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

  16. will anyone
    not be taking up his pen?
    tonight’s moon
    — Onitsura (1660 – 1738)


    cat on the neighbour’s roof,
    who lights your dreams?


    1. will anyone
      not be taking up his pen?
      tonight’s moon
      — Onitsura (1660 – 1738)
      wind what song do you carry


  17. a flash of lightning
    on a bare tree’s top a nest
    just for a moment

    Third Prize, The 13th International Kusamakura Haiku Competition, 2008, Japan

  18. black horse
    it’s mane inhaling
    the moonlight

    A Little World Anthology of Haiku Poetry About Horse, Diogen pro cultura, 2013.

    1. crepuscular rays
      a Lipizzan foal
      begins to suckle
      – The Heron’s Nest XIV.4, 2012

  19. rustling

    the leaves on watch
    agan-aningas dagiti bul-bulong

    for rumored dawn
    iti nasao nga bannawag

    *bilingual in English/Iluko
    *Iluko- one of four major languages in 87 dialects of the Philippines

  20. hopscotch moon
    strewn here to there
    globe flowers
    — Betty Shropshire
    Seminole Canyon S.P, TX

  21. reply to Onitsura:

    will anyone

    not be laying aside his lyre?

    tonight’s gale

  22. fractals emerge
    in a kaleidoscope –
    first light

    Geethanjali Rajan
    Chennai, India

  23. will anyone
    not be taking up his pen?
    tonight’s moon

    — Onitsura (1660 – 1738)


    moon light
    through the slatted blinds
    stories of childhood

  24. will anyone
    not be taking up his pen?
    tonight’s moon

    — Onitsura (1660 – 1738)

    My response:

    window painting
    moon close to her shyness
    veiled in curtain

    Simply Haiku, Vol. 9, No.3&4, Summer 2011

  25. will anyone
    not be taking up his pen?
    tonight’s moon

    — Onitsura (1660 – 1738)

    My response:

    Valentine day—
    between you and me
    a thin moonlight

    A Hundred Gourds, Inaugural Issue, 1:1 December 2011

  26. darkness in our soul
    Lucifer means the light-bringing –
    light is the knowledge

    Judit vihar hungary (budapest)

  27. Bright lights and A/C
    Sunshine calling through glass windows
    Work demanding time

  28. Syrupy drawl –
    the red sunset
    minutes away.

    Ernesto P. Santiago, Philippines

  29. A response to:

    will anyone
    not be taking up his pen?
    tonight’s moon

    — Onitsura (1660 – 1738)


    patient lammergeyers
    in the cleaver’s sound
    blocked sunlight

    tonight’s moon
    a glint in the eyes
    of the lammergeyer

  30. will anyone
    not be taking up his pen?
    tonight’s moon
    — Onitsura (1660

    My response:

    I paint the moon
    brighter than the moon

  31. a halo of light
    around the pigeon’s wings –
    desert heat

    – Sandra Simpson (written in Qatar)

  32. MyPlaceSlowlyTurningTowardsOurStar
    the blackbirds
    sense it too


    hands full of light with no effort


    Surya Namaskar as much as I can

  33. .
    light smashes
    through the window blind
    Alan Summers
    And published today:

    corn moon
    the jackdaw shifts
    its iris
    Alan Summers
    Publication Credit: Asahi Shimbun (Japan, International Haiku Day April 17th 2015)

    1. …and published 27 May 2008 on

      salt marsh
      sunlight flecks the egret

    1. after the rain / fallen camelia / in the moonlight
      Mainichi Daily News Sept. 7, 2007

  34. At the horizon
    sunlight springs with the dolphin
    from the Black Current

    Greetings from Japan, where the sunshine and the Kuroshio (Black Current in the ocean), flows from the East China Sea past Kagoshima and on to the Pacific Ocean.

  35. afternoon sun
    strands of white dog hair
    glint on the floor

    Cyndi Lloyd
    Utah, U.S.A.

  36. Grey light and birds’ song
    Raindrops on my window pane
    Faraway rainbow.

    1. gentle warm rain / stone lantern moss / hides firefly’s glow

      Mainichi Daily News October 15, 2008

  37. morning rush
    a dewdrop dangles
    the sun


    Ambrosia- Journal of Fine Haiku Summer – 2010


  38. morning prayers
    the rising sun between
    my hands


    Ambrosia Journal of Fine haiku – spring 2009


    1. call to prayer –
      the light of a single star
      in your eyes

      – Sandra Simpson, New Zealand

  39. the stillness
    passing through me
    night sky*

    *Except for photons, there are gamma rays, neutrinos, dark energy, and other unknown particles that you have to know how to see their light in the Quantum Electromagnetic soup…

  40. will anyone
    not be taking up his pen?
    tonight’s moon
    — Onitsura (1660 – 1738)
    My response:
    full moon
    a glowing taj mahal
    on river Yamuna

    Mainichi Daily News Annual Selection 2008

  41. will anyone
    not be taking up his pen?
    tonight’s moon
    — Onitsura (1660 – 1738)

    my response:

    tonight’s moon
    the whiteness
    of her hair

    1. sun shower a twig settles in the cloud


      Well, this is the only way I can get published now…

      What the hey…

  42. Owner of a small store in Walnut Creek, Ca. named MING QUONG which means, RADIANT LIGHT. Your theme interested me. Ming Quong is named after the Chinese girl’s orphanage where I was raised in Los Gatos, Ca. ————— Here’s is my haiku.

    Ming Quong
    in all it’s glory
    shining forth with light

    the light within
    shines not only for us – but for

    radiant light
    with all it’s rays
    may ours glow

  43. lightening sky
    cutting through the mist
    an oarsplash

    Shrikaanth Krishnamurthy
    Birmingham, UK

    1. river of stars / long green bamboo pole / fishing for dreams

      Mainichi Daily News ‘Daily Haiku Selection’ July 17, 2009

    1. will anyone
      not be taking up his pen?
      tonight’s moon

      — Onitsura (1660 – 1738)

      My responses:


      without alarm,
      Spring light


      springlight –
      a quince in a wink
      on the tree

  44. Poetry day’s sunrise –
    Clasp the hands and know the thoughts
    of men in other lands

    Jo(sette) Pellet

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