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EarthRise 2015: Year of Light

We at The Haiku Foundation have been delighted and overwhelmed with the response to our inaugural EarthRise Rolling Haiku Collaboration. More than 500 poems appear in the final roll, and more than 300 poets. We hope you’ll enjoy reading and re-reading the result, EarthRise 2015: Year of Light.

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  1. Great idea – a wonderful read from around the world and so beautifully displayed. I loved it.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. It was so enjoyable to be a part of this international poetic trip, and such inspired writing!
    For the most part, poets inspiring poets right on the spot. And such a presentation! Hats off to the designer!

  3. what a fantastic effort by everyone, something to enjoy returning to!
    thank you, Jim, for compiling these.

  4. A haiku mosaic of light!! How can one not come away awed on end from reading this collection. What an amazing outburst among the poets. Thank you, All! Thank you, Jim Kacian!

  5. A lot of fun reading all the poems.
    I’ve just read Richard Gilbert’s response to a question from Rattle magazine, and it reminded me how haiku poetry in particular is such a collaborative force.
    Wonderful work!
    warm regards,

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