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David Oates

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Haiku of the Day for March 2024 features Guest Editor David Oates’ collection on the theme of  Play. Here are his thoughts on the theme of Play.

Thanks again to all who contributed, to Lynne Jambor for asking me to assemble these, being a pleasure to work with, and for getting the batch out. Thanks also to The Haiku Foundation for having this feature, which I’ve been enjoying as a reader long enough that I have to be careful not to slip and say “per diem.” Not to mention thanks to the cinematographer, the costumer, and the prompter.

I chose play because part of me never grew up, and because “serious play” is my goal in so many endeavors. I enjoyed seeing different folks’ takes on the theme, from music to board games to baseball. Of course, since we’re in haiku and senryu, not all were joyous. Plenty of wabi-sabi. Enjoy! Further, since we didn’t hit video games, here’s one of mine:

hears son on the stairs
hides his computer game

from only thunder: a family journey Red Moon Press 2023

—David Oates

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