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H. Curtis Dunlap

funeral procession —
the town drunk tips
his tattered hat

— H. Curtis Dunlap

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  1. .
    beer garden table
    the blurred edges
    of many circles
    first published: paper wasp vol. 11 no 4, Spring 2005
    last rites –
    incense dilutes the reek
    of Irish whiskey
    first published Haiku Harvest , Spring/Summer 2006
    bellbirds –
    half a dozen stubbies
    clinking in the creek
    first published paper wasp, vol 15, no 3, Winter 2009

  2. tumbleweed
    rolling down main street
    the town drunk
    rolling down main street
    the town drunk (Otata)
    walking home drunk
    across darkened fields
    avoiding the scarecrow (Presence)
    kicking a beer can
    along the old cobbled street
    drunk father and son (Prune Juice)
    bottle top glasses
    drunk enough to find me
    attractive (Failed Haiku)

    drunk again
    he winds a dark path home
    cursing lost stars (Shot Glass Journal)

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