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1992 HPNC San Francisco International Haiku and Senryu Comp

Judge: Francine Porad

Haiku First Place
Author: Yvonne Hardenbrook
one more ride
with the top down—
winter stars
Haiku Second Place
Author: Jack Ervin
nursing home front porch
in sync out of sync in sync
three old men rocking
Haiku Third Place
Author: June Hopper Hymas
           the visible edges
of the layered earth
           where the stream splits it
Haiku Honorable Mention
Author: vincent tripi
Above the whitewater
listening to both forks
—the gorge at twilight.
Haiku Honorable Mention
Author: Barbara Ressler
Pachelbel's Canon
the harpist plucks
something in me
Haiku Honorable Mention
Author: Leatrice Lifshitz
summer's end—
jays find the cold campfire
the cold potato
Senryu First Place
Author: Tom Clausen
my self
Senryu Second Place
Author: Yvonne Hardenbrook
calling home—
my recorded voice tells me
I can't talk now
Senryu Third Place
Author: Emily Romano
loft apartment:
artist's nude model
waves to window washer
Senryu Honorable Mention
Author: Winona Louise Baker
in the parking lot
anatomically correct
Senryu Honorable Mention
Author: Diane Albertina
tight-fit of her jacket
and one button
Senryu Honorable Mention
Author: vincent tripi
Leaving the O.R.
the brain surgeon's hairpiece
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