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2005 Robert Spiess Memorial Haiku Award

Judges: Lee Gurga and Pamela Miller Ness

First Prize
Author: Carolyn Hall
wild berries—
one training wheel lifts
round the curve
Second Prize
Author: Marjorie Buettner
winter light—
she holds the teacup
with both hands
Third Prize
Author: Darrell Byrd
Orion rising
she reaches to loosen
the pup's collar
Honorable Mention
Author: Marjorie Buettner
spring stars—
washing my daughter's lipstick
off the mirror
Honorable Mention
Author: Kirsty Karkow
still arguing
we swim the same river
further upstream
Honorable Mention
Author: Marjorie Buettner
winter rain—
  finding that part of silence
    which speaks to me
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