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2009 Haiku Presence Award

Judge: Fred Schofield

First Place
Author: Pamela Brown
night birth a lamb shakes fluids into the sleet
Second Places
Author: Scott Mason
winter solitude
the garden trellis leans
on a cloud
Second Prizes
Author: Marshall Hryciuk
barn swallows
       skitter through the sailboats
Author: Malcolm Williams
Adari pool—
a noon gecko tracks
the mosque shade
Author: Helen Davison
summer storm
galahs swivel on wires
to wash their wings
Author: Diana Webb
white spots
on a brown butterfly's wing
the baby's toes wave
Author: Phillip Murrell
high above the clouds
checking out each passenger
a stowaway fly
Author: Kate Hall
in the plastic cover
of a missing person notice
two snails feast
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