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1999 Haiku Poets of Northern California Haiku Award

Judges: Yvonne Hardenbrook (Haiku) and Carolyn Talmadge (Senryu)

Haiku First Place
Author: Christopher Herold
almost dawn
cupped in the curve of the moon
the rest of the moon
Haiku Second Place
Author: Garry Gay
Autumn begins
leaves follow me
into the shed
Haiku Third Place
Author: June Moreau
squash blossom
just enough dew
to cool my face
Haiku Honorable Mention
Author: Ernest J. Berry
cruising osprey
how easily she slips
into dusk
Haiku Honorable Mention
Author: Christopher Herold
chimney smoke
moonlight changing directions
with the wind
Haiku Honorable Mention
Author: Patricia Neubauer
summer veranda
low night voices slip into
rocking chair rhythms
Senryu First Place
Author: Peggy Willis Lyles
piano lesson...
her braids outdo
the metronome
Senryu Honorable Mention
Author: Paula Bakalar
zen monk
adjusting the mike
on his robes
Senryu Honorable Mention
Author: Jean Rhodes
the rabbi rides
a three-wheeled motorcycle
signed 'the kosher hog'
Senryu Honorable Mention
Author: Jim Kacian
for her solo
the flautist's nipples
stand up
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