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2003 Haiku Poets of Northern California Haiku Award

Judge: Paul Miller (Haiku) and John Stevenson (Senryu)

Haiku First Place
Author: Laurie Stoelting
a phoebe's erratic flight
this canoe trip
won't solve anything
Haiku Second Place
Author: Christopher Herold
autumn sunset
the wake of a tugboat
sloshes ashore
Haiku Third Place
Author: w. f. owen
Indian summer
rust on our hands
from the swing
Haiku Honorable Mention
Author: Timothy 'Tim' Russell (shachihoko)
year end—
a trail of footprints crosses
the old pond
Haiku Honorable Mention
Author: John Stevenson
first snow
some time left
on the parking meter
Senryu First Place
Author: Evelyn H. Hermann
in the vinegar bottle
Senryu Honorable Mention
Author: D. Claire Gallagher
      3-block Main Street
the waitress asks if we want
Senryu Honorable Mention
Author: Michael Dylan Welch
tourists talking
in several languages—
the glassblower exhales
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