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2004 Haiku Poets of Northern California Haiku Award

Judge: George Swede (Haiku) and Stanford M. Forrester (Senryu)

Haiku First Place
Author: Beverly A. Tift
old steeple
a turban of pigeons
unwinds the hour
Haiku Second Place
Author: D. Claire Gallagher
the tube of cadmium yellow
squeezed flat
Haiku Third Place
Author: Ernest J. Berry
     spring rain
the chameleon busy
     being green
Haiku Honorable Mention
Author: Scott Mason
road flares...
against the bent guardrail
an unknown flower
Haiku Honorable Mention
Author: Margaret Chula
late afternoon—
cow's udders
graze the ground
Senryu First Place
Author: 'Haiku Elvis' (Carlos Colón)
how heavy
the empty can
of Slim-Fast
Senryu Honorable Mention
Author: Evelyn H. Hermann
the waterfall—
a tourist can't stop
Senryu Honorable Mention
Author: Tom Painting
nursing home
my father
the way I left him
Senryu Honorable Mention
Author: Minna Lerman
carrying a pencil
into the zendo—
no point to it
Senryu Honorable Mention
Author: André Surridge
her signature
the newlywed
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