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2007 Robert Spiess Memorial Haiku Award

Judges: Charles Trumbull and Jeffrey Winke

First Prize
Author: Ernest J. Berry
  childhood home
i park in the shade
of my cherry stone
Second Prize
Author: Origa
        the school bell rings...
the wings of a butterfly tremble
              on the pin
Third Prize
Author: Jim Kacian
followed home
by a dog I don't know
autumn dusk
Honorable Mention
Author: Kenneth Elba Carrier
blizzard day—
extra brown sugar
on my oatmeal
Honorable Mention
Author: Raffael de Gruttola
in the gutter
a crumpled scratch card—
ragweed in bloom
Honorable Mention
Author: Scott Mason
            gathering dusk
fragments of sky between limbs
              become one
Honorable Mention
Author: Patricia Neubauer
solar eclipse—
the rare silence
of seagulls
Honorable Mention
Author: Marie Summers
family secrets
a thicket full
of ripe raspberries
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